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ACA Level 2 Reduction

Verifavia and its partner ENVISA propose two types of services for airports already accredited at the ACA Level 1 and seeking the Level 2: technical assistance and independent verification.

ENVISA provides an ‘all-in-one’ package which includes the following services required to obtain ACA Level 2 accreditation:
  • Carbon footprint report for base year (Scope 1 + Scope 2)
  • Technical support in setting up the metric and target for improvement
  • Demonstration of improvement in chosen metric (absolute or relative) compared to the average carbon emitted on the last three years
  • Development of a Carbon Management Plan
Services proposed by ENVISA are fully compliant with the carbon reporting requirements. It includes on-site visit for gathering carbon information with airport's staff, estimation of the footprint with recognized tools and methods (such as ACI's ACERT, or UNFCCC databases direclty).

ENVISA has long time experience in GHG studies for airports which can be used to conduct cost-benefit analyses with regard to the potential technologies which would allow an airport to reach its reduction objective (i.e. energy usage optimization and monitoring, renewable energy sources, advanced techniques for ATM, etc.).

Verifavia can conduct verification of the carbon footprint report and other requirements needed for ACA Level 2. The verification consists in an on-site visit combined with off-site investigations and interviews of the staff involved in the ACA process.

'Verification is our expertise and airports are our passion!'

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