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> ICAO CORSIA: 2019 – the year it becomes real

ICAO CORSIA: 2019 – the year it becomes real


The ICAO CORSIA initiative has commenced monitoring, reporting and verification obligations imposed on aircraft operators with effect from 1 January 2019. Data collected will form the baseline to determine subsequent offsetting requirements. Aircraft operators attributed to a country likely to be participating in the voluntary compliance phase from 2021 to 2023 should also take note of the various deadlines for compliance and monitor for updates from the ICAO Council on the offset credits that would qualify under CORSIA.[...]

[...] Aircraft operators should note that by 31 May 2020 their 2019 CO2 emissions data should be compiled and verified by an accredited verification body and submitted to their country’s regulator. Similarly, 2020 CO2 emissions data should be verified and submitted by 31 May 2021. At present, countries are in the process of accrediting verification bodies. In April 2019, Verifavia, a French-headquartered emissions verifier, became the first company to announce its worldwide accreditation under CORSIA by the Singapore Accreditation Council, allowing it to offer CORSIA verification services to airlines.[...]


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