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Veson Nautical Solution Awarded European Union’s MRV Certification


Boston, MA, London, Paris – June 8, 2017 - Veson Nautical, the leading provider of commercial maritime software and services, today announced that Verifavia, the world’s leading emissions verification company for the transport sector (aviation and shipping), officially certified its Veslink Voyage Reporting system as a solution for the European Union’s (EU) upcoming Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) regulation.

Veslink Voyage Reporting streamlines data collection and distribution from vessels, operators, agents, and counterparties, and is used by more than 100 of the top shipping organizations worldwide, managing over 5,000 vessels. Verifavia Shipping, a fully-accredited global EU MRV Verifier by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and the French Accreditation Body (COFRAC), certified that the system complied with ISO standard 25051 on software engineering and 17065 on product certification.

According to the EU Commission for Climate Action, maritime transport emits around 1 billion tonnes of CO2 annually and is responsible for approximately 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Because ships' energy consumption and CO2 emissions could be reduced by up to 75% by applying updated operational measures and using existing technologies, all ship-owners with vessels exceeding 5,000 GT are required to provide monitoring plans to an accredited verifier by 31 August 2017.

The EU MRV regulation requires ship-owners operating vessels within EU ports to report on specific parameters of fuel consumption and other relevant voyage data, including:
  • Port of departure and port of arrival including the date and hour of departure and arrival
  • Amount and emission factor for each type of fuel consumed in total
  • CO2 emitted
  • Distance traveled
  • Time spent at sea
  • Cargo carried
  • Transport work

With Veslink Voyage Reporting, all MRV required data is easily captured within standard vessel forms as part of the normal workflow for arrival, departure, and noon reporting. The collected data instantly feeds standardized reporting templates that can be submitted for MRV compliance. In addition, Veslink users can continuously monitor their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in real-time via integrated business intelligence dashboards.

The MRV regulation is the first measure in a three-step process supporting the EU’s global approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport.

“We’ve taken a proactive approach to addressing the upcoming EU MRV regulation so that our clients will be in compliance without having to modify their existing workflows,” said John Veson, President of Veson Nautical. “We’re excited to have developed a certified solution within Veslink to ensure compliance well in advance of the deadline, making the process simple for our users. Our philosophy has always been to evolve our products to support the needs of our clients and that includes acquiring certification for regulatory requirements like MRV.”

“Veslink Voyage Reporting has been meticulously reviewed by our team of MRV experts against the requirements of the EU MRV Regulation (2015/757) in terms of process and functionality. We are confident in the system’s ability to simplify the process of data collection and distribution from vessels, and to support ship owners and operators in complying with the EU MRV Regulation in a streamlined manner.” concluded Julien Dufour, CEO, Verifavia Shipping.

About Veson Nautical®

Veson Nautical provides commercial trading and risk management solutions to the maritime industry. For over 30 years, the world’s top owners, charterers, and operators have used Veson tools to drive their businesses forward. Since 2003, Veson’s Integrated Maritime Operations System (IMOS) has been the industry-standard solution for chartering, operations, and financials. Every day, over 200 leading maritime organizations use IMOS to manage 50,000 annual voyages and over $25 billion in worldwide trade.

In 2017, Veson Nautical launched the Veslink IMOS Platform, the first complete commercial shipping solution optimized for the web and mobile devices. In addition to the core IMOS workflows validated by the industry over the past 14 years, the Veslink IMOS Platform enables direct connectivity to the over 500 owners, charterers, agents, brokers, bunker vendors, and suppliers that make up the Veslink Network. The company may be reached via the Web at www.veson.com or in their Boston headquarters at +1.617.723.2727. 

About Verifavia Shipping

Verifavia Shipping and Verifavia Shipping Hellas, which serves the Greece and Cyprus-based shipping market, strives to be the maritime industry’s first choice for the provision of efficient, competitive, and flexible emissions verification information and services worldwide.

By combining its innovative approach and streamlined procedures with the technical expertise and industry knowledge of its team, Verifavia Shipping provides a top-class service that ensures its customers experience a smooth verification journey.

For more information about Verifavia Shipping, please visit http://www.verifavia-shipping.com.

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