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​What is the impact of being considered as a small emitter?

Operators emitting less than 25,000 tCO2 per year or operating fewer than 243 flights per period for three consecutive 4-month periods are considered as small emitters. Most business jet operators and corporate flight departments are small emitters.

Small emitters can use either the normal procedure to monitor fuel consumption (method A or B) or the simplified procedure (the small emitters tool or the ETS Support Facility from Eurocontrol).

VerifAvia developed a highly simplified verification approach for small emitters using the simplified procedure which is conducted remotely by email. VerifAvia's verification service includes full guidance and compliance support.

Between 2010 and 2013, VerifAvia conducted EU ETS verification of around 700 small emitters from 60 countries and reporting to 24 different EU competent authorities. 65% of these small emitters are Part 91 corporate flight departments of large US firms.

The ETS Support Facility for Aircraft Operators is now open. The 2013 report is available for download with flight information up to December 2013 included. The data is updated monthly to provide operators with the latest information available at each download of the report.

Also, the new version of the small smitter tool to be used for reporting emissions of 2013 flights is now available, free of charge online for small emitters and for any operator with data gaps.
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