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Can the inclusion of a flight change?

ICAO has selected a route-based approach for its carbon offsetting scheme. A route is considered to be covered by CORSIA if both departure airport and arrival airport are located in participating States, but not the same one as domestic flights are not included.
The Pilot phase and the First phase (until 2027) are not mandatory and States can opt-in and opt-out from the scheme for any given year, provided they notify ICAO of their decision by June 30 of the preceding year. From the year 2027, the Second phase of CORSIA implementation comes to power. This phase is mandatory except for exempted States, nevertheless, those are strongly encouraged to volunteer in the scheme while keeping the opt-out option.
As noted above a route is included in CORSIA if both connecting States are participating in the scheme and the participation of States can change with time, e.g. volunteering, opting-out and mandatory entry of non-exempted states. Therefore the inclusion of a route can change over time as well.
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