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How are aircraft CO2 emissions calculated?

Aircraft CO2 emissions are an exact multiple of fuel consumption.

Fuel consumption being typically expressed in volume, it must first be converted into mass:
Mass of fuel consumed = Volume of fuel consumed × Fuel density
Possible sources of fuel density
1. On-board measurement systems
2. Fuel supplier information
3. Density-temperature table
4. Standard 0.8 kg / liter

CO2 emissions is then calculated by multiplying the mass of fuel by the emission factor:
EMISSIONS = Mass of fuel consumed × Emission factor  
Type of fuel Emission factor (tCO2/tFuel)
Aviation Gasoline (AvGas) 3.10
Jet gasoline (Jet B) 3.10
Jet kerosene (Jet A1 or Jet A) 3.15
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