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What are the accounting principles of a GHG inventory?

The GHG Protocol includes both the standard and guidance on how to calculate and report GHG emissions. It is based on the following five principles which are intended to underpin all aspects of GHG accounting and reporting:
  • Relevance: Information provided in the GHG inventory is used for internal and external decision-making.
  • Completeness: Account for and report on all GHG emission sources and activities within the chosen inventory boundary.
  • Consistency: Use consistent methodologies to allow for meaningful comparisons of emissions over time, as well as, within and across industries.
  • Transparency: Disclose any relevant assumptions and make appropriate references to the accounting and calculation methodologies and data sources used.
  • Accuracy: Ensure that GHG emission calculations are systematically neither over nor under actual emissions and that uncertainties are reduced as far as practicable.
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