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What is FRED+?

FRED + for easy online CORSIA reporting
As CORSIA emissions monitoring is already underway, IATA has developed a system called FRED + which will facilitate the reporting of emissions and minimize the administrative burden and costs for both aircraft operators and administrations.
The Scope of CORSIA adapts operators with varying capabilities, resources and levels of information system sophistication. The extensive amount of business-sensitive information needs to be managed to comply with the scheme benefits from robust mechanisms to ensure processing integrity, data quality and confidentiality. To address these challenges the IATA decided to develop FRED + on compliance with ICAO's Annex 16, Volume IV MRV Requirements (SARPs).
  • FRED + offers wide range of flexibility to operators and administering state authorities, for example operators can submit data manually and as batch uploads in different data formats.
  • FRED + can also be coupled with an airplane operator's fuel management system or flight management information system to enable the automatic transmission of data which will reduce data errors or data loss.
  • FRED + can also enable the user to validate the data uploaded in the system. The system has functionality to detect outliers and inaccuracies with visual representation. In this way, it helps operators by identifying potentially erroneous data to improve data quality.
  • FRED + integrated with ICAO's CERT enable operators to fill data gaps or use FRED + as a stand-alone if they are eligible for simplified monitoring procedures, in accordance with Annex 16, volume IV.
  • FRED + enables the online submission of emissions report through CORSIA emission report engine which generates emission report automatically. It also has a built in EMP approval and archiving function. 
  • FRED + automatically pairs aircraft operators directly with their respective state administration in accordance with Annex 16, Volume IV.
  • To maintain the confidentiality of data, FRED + has dedicated and segregated area for its users (operators and administrating authorities) to perform their activities (reports transmission / submission and interaction). Airplane operators are also able to invite their verification bodies to FRED + to remotely review the raw data used to compile an emission report and subsequently upload verification reports and statements to finalize the verification process.
  • Apart from compiling and transmitting verified emissions reports from aeroplane operators to administrating authorities, FRED + also offers additional futures like user defined dashboards and analytics.
  • Given the sensitivity of information contained in FRED +, data security and confidentiality has been a primary consideration throughout the development process.
  • More than 120 operators and several administering authorities have expressed their interest in using the system to manage operator emissions monitoring plans and verified emissions reports.
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