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What is the benefit of French CO2 Info?

The purpose of providing CO2 information for transport services is to raise the awareness of all stakeholders in the transport chain to their contributions to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and to help them better direct their choices, where applicable, towards less-emitting solutions.

For businesses, those that receive this information can collate the results provided by their service providers to assess the weight, in terms of CO2 emissions, of their transport activities (goods or passengers).

This new and innovative device contributes to meeting four fundamental requirements: 
  1. achieving the national objectives set with regard to reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  2. for transport operators providing this information: adding value to their low-emitting services and highlighting the progress made
  3. for users or companies receiving this information: knowing the impact of their journeys (users) or activities (businesses), and for businesses, using this information to assess indirect emissions in their emission assessments
  4. improving and standardising methods for assessing CO2 emissions: a lot of information can be obtained from CO2 calculators or eco-comparison tools, however no common framework yet exists for all modes of transport
Source: French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy
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