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What is the business value of a GHG inventory?

A GHG inventory holds a number of advantages for airlines:
  • Identifying cost effective reduction opportunities: Identify production processes within the company or stages of the value chain where GHG reductions can be realized at least costs.
  • Reducing resource and energy related costs: Save on resource or energy costs through e.g. increased materials and energy efficiency of the production process, or the development of more energy efficient products and services.
  • Managing GHG and resource related risks: Share emissions data and reduction goals to build confidence among investors or insurance companies. They may view significant GHG emissions along the value chain as potential liabilities that need to be managed and reduced.
  • Serving the information needs of your supply chain partners: An increasing number of companies engage suppliers to improve the emissions performance along the value chain. It is not too uncommon to see contractual obligations forcing companies to disclose greenhouse gas data.
  • Outperforming your competitors: Reduce your resource and energy consumption to achieve cost reductions giving you a competitive edge over your peers.
  • Demonstrating your green credentials: Communicate progress towards GHG targets to increase reputation, indicate corporate social responsibility and industry leadership.
  • Recognition for early voluntary actions: Obtain a cost advantage when GHG reporting becomes mandatory as most programs reward early actions.
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