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What is the CERT?

The CORSIA ICAO CO2 Estimation and Reporting Tool (CERT) is a tool developed by ICAO that can be used by an aeroplane operator to support the monitoring and reporting of their CO2 emissions, in accordance with the requirements from the CORSIA SARPs:
  1. assessing its eligibility to use Fuel Use Monitoring Methods in support of their Emissions Monitoring Plan 
  2. assessing whether or not it is within the applicability scope of the MRV requirements
  3. filling any CO2 emissions data gaps.
The CERT is based on the CO2 Estimation Models (CEMs), which allow for the estimation of CO2 emissions as a function of Great Circle Distance or Block Time for a given aircraft type.

The version 2019 of the ICAO CORSIA CERT is available for download here, and is valid for the assessment of:
  1. whether an operator is within the applicability scope of the CORSIA requirements towards the submission of the Emissions Monitoring Plan
  2. an operator's eligibility to use the ICAO CORSIA CERT as a monitoring method in 2020.
For operators within the scope of applicability of CORSIA MRV, the ICAO CORSIA CERT 2019 can be used to support the development of an Emissions Report.

Further details about the CERT tool, including a download link and technical details, can be found on the ICAO's website.
Users can also report issues with the tool seek support via CERT@icao.int.

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