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What is the schedule of verification?

Airports are required to submit a verified carbon footprint on their initial application, and 
every second year subsequently for the level for which they are accredited (third year in the case of Level 3 or 3+ renewals pending at least two successful renewals).

Airports participating at Level 3 or 3+ on a three-year renewal cycle are required to submit
verified data every third year.  

If an airport upgrades from one level to another, it must submit a verified carbon
footprint, regardless of whether or not the previous year’s footprint was verified.

Furthermore, an airport entering at or upgrading to Level 2 and beyond shall also verify that an effective reduction in emissions occurred for the year under verification compared to the rolling average of the three preceding years, as well as the progress towards the set target (at least for Scope 1 and 2 emissions). This is described in the table below:

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