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What was the request from the 2013 ICAO Assembly on a global MBM scheme?

Under Resolution A38-18, paragraph 19, the ICAO Assembly requested the Council, with the support of ICAO Member States, to conduct work and report its results, for decision at the 39th session of the ICAO Assembly. Within this mandate, the Council is requested to:
  • finalize the work on the technical aspects, environmental and economic impacts and modalities of the possible options for a global MBM scheme, including its feasibility and practicability, taking into account the need for the development of international aviation, the proposal of the aviation industry and other international developments, as appropriate, and without prejudice to the negotiations under the UNFCCC;
  • organize seminars, and workshops on a global scheme for international aviation participated by officials and experts of Member States as well as relevant organizations;
  • identify the major issues and problems, including for Member States, and make a recommendation on a global MBM scheme that appropriately addresses them and key design elements, including a means to take into account special circumstances and respective capabilities, and the mechanisms for the implementation of the scheme from 2020 as part of a basket of measures which also include technologies, operational improvements and sustainable alternative fuels to achieve ICAO's global aspirational goals.
Source: ICAO

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