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Who is concerned by the French CO2 Info?

CO2 information applies to any public or private persons organising or selling transport services for passengers, goods or moving purposes, carried out using one or several means of transport, departing from or travelling to a location in France, with the exception of transport services organised by public or private persons for their own behalf.

The following are therefore subject to CO2 information disclosure requirements: 
  • all professionals selling transport services for the behalf of other people, whether carried out by themselves or by partner transport operators
  • home moving companies for moving services
  • all French and foreign economic stakeholders, whether public or private, organising transport services

The following are therefore concerned by this regulation (non-exhaustive list): 
  • transport operators
  • local authorities: 
 − for transport services under direct management (including free services);
 − when organising school transport services
  • travel agencies selling transport services.

CO2 information disclosure is mandatory, even with regard to free services (for example city bus services provided free-of-charge by local authorities).

The CO2 information disclosure requirement for transport services applies regardless of the size of the company or local authority. No threshold exists beneath which an organisation is exempt from disclosing such information.

However, the decree contains a provision aiming at easing the implementation of this device for services providers with less than 50 employees: the latter will be able to use default values for the calculations, known as level 1 values.

For businesses with more than fifty employees, the French decree No. 2011-1336 stipulates that level 1 values can be used until the 1st of July 2016. The implementation of this provision shall be subject to an examination within the scope of the report provided for by article 14 of this decree.

The services subject to CO2 information disclosure requirements are all journeys that depart from or travel to a location in France.

For example, for a service departing from France and travelling to a foreign country, the CO2 information requirement relates to the journey made up to the final destination of the service and corresponds to the entire service. 

This requirement does not apply to international journeys that do not stop in France or that simply stop for refuelling. This however does apply to coasting trade transport operations carried out in France. 

For the shipment of goods, the scope of the CO2 information that must be provided often depends on the commercial terms drawn up in the shipping agreement. Therefore, the integration of a post-delivery journey on foreign soil will depend on the liability transfer conditions defined for the service drawn up between the service provider and its beneficiary.

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