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ICAO “States’ Action Plans” Seminar


With a view to supporting its member States in their efforts to take action on aviation and climate change,  on 1 April 2014 ICAO launched a series of  back-to-back ICAO “International Aviation and Environment” and “States’ Action Plans” Seminars.
These back-to-back Seminars will be conducted in each ICAO Region and a final Seminar will be held at ICAO Headquarters, in Montréal, Canada.

This event is reserved to the designated national Action Plan Focal Points. 

This hands-on, practice-based Seminar will cover the following topics:
  • Update of the ICAO Guidance on State Action Plans
  • Action Plan Emissions Reduction (APER) Website, Supporting Documents, and ICAO Tools
  • Review of the Action Plan
  • Assistance for the Implementation of the Action Plan
  • State Presentations – Best Practices

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