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Airport ATM Environmental Mitigation Prog

Partners: Sustainable Aviation Solutions, Unique (Zurich Airport), Kereco

The Airport ATM Environmental Mitigation Programme delivers benefits concerning environmental management to aviation stakeholders and communities surrounding airports.

Phase 1 of the project comprised:
  • the Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) initiative to develop and roll out implementation of CDA in order to minimise noise disturbance on the ground, reduce fuel burn and emissions (principally CO2 and NOx) while meeting ATC and capacity requirements
  • a commonly agreed framework to help operational stakeholders collaborate effectively to solve common problems at airports, i.e. Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM),
  • developing initial assessment tools, methodologies and guidance including trade-off analyses between noise, local air quality, capacity and economic issues
  • the web based tool SOPHOS which, when implemented, will provide stakeholders with practical support resources, bench-marking facilities, best practice case studies, guidance and communications.
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