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Airport Local Air Quality Studies - ALAQS

Nicolas Duchêne led the consortium in charge of developing EUROCONTROL’s ALAQS-AV model, a movement-driven emission inventory tool for airports combined with dispersion models. Case studies were conducted at various European airports.

The objectives of the ALAQS consortium were to promote best-practices to estimate airport related emissions and concentrations. The ALAQS project involved developing the ALAQS-AV tool, an aircraft movement driven air quality model for airports considering all the types of emissions sources: runways, taxiways, roadways, gate equipment, stationary sources, etc.

The main tasks were to:
  • develop and test ALAQS-AV
  • integrate the outputs of emission inventories into various dispersion models (Gaussian, Lagrangian)
  • provide training and support to users
  • assemble emission inventories at airports
  • run emission and concentration studies (including sensitivity tests)
  • present the project's results at various conferences worldwide.
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