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Environmental Impact Assessment of CDA

Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) procedures have recently been designed and implemented at several European airports to optimise the initial approach phase by removing unnecessary segments of level flight below 6,000 feet.

Nicolas Duchêne produced environmental impact assessments of CDA trials at Manchester, Bucharest and Stockholm airports, using Flight Data Recorder (FDR) data collected from three partner airlines. Noise, fuel burn and emissions of CDA procedures were compared to those of standard approaches for the same aircraft types.

For each airport the main tasks were to:
  • collect and process flight data
  • run noise and emission simulations
  • perform noise vs. emission trade-off analyses for both standard and CDA procedures.
Outcomes of the studies were presented during the Aircraft & Airport Noise Control session of the Inter-Noise Congress (Honolulu, US). Back to all References