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MBM project for Thai DCA

Verifavia participated in the European Union sponsored project 'Study and Capacity Building on Market Based Measures (MBM) for Effective Carbon Emission Reduction in the Aviation Sector in Thailand.

Verifavia played a key role in the project as an 'Expert in auditing ETS in the Airline Sector' and provided training and capacity building about the specific details of EU ETS as an example of an MBM and MRV for aviation. Also, Verifavia's airline industry expertise and knowledge of internal airline processes and industry best practices was very important to the success of the project.

The overall objective of the project was to contribute to better understanding amongst relevant government entities and Thai air carriers' on the EU ETS and on various ICAO's MBM schemes in order to effectively prepare Thailand's aviation sector to respond and meet the international requirements for carbon emission reduction.

The purpose of this assignment was to provide technical assistance to the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) to enable its role in preparing and supporting the Thai airlines to meet international requirements for carbon emission reduction under future ICAO scheme, focusing in particular on the institutional framework and information system for measurement, reporting and verification (MRV).

Specifically, Verifavia provided training and capacity building activities for the DCA and other key stakeholders in the areas of:
  • Emission trading
  • Emission off-setting
  • Emission charges
  • EU ETS
  • ICAO Form A and Form M
  • Policy recommendations for DCA

Verifavia was also involved in the design of a framework for an MRV-system for the Thai DCA:
  • MRV system defined for civil aviation
  • Guidelines produced for the aviation sector MRV system
  • MRV data collection procedures and flow defined for the aviation sector
  • MRV reporting format developed for the aviation sector

The assignment took place in Bangkok, Thailand where the Verifavia expert spent a total of two months at the Thai DCA head office working in close cooperation with the Aviation GHG Emissions Reduction Working Group headed by DCA and comprised of:
  • the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTTP)
  • the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management (TGO)
  • the Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Limited (AEROTHAI)
  • the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT)
  • Thai Airways International Public Company (TG)
  • ThaiAir Asia Co.,Ltd
  • Bangkok Airways Co., Ltd.

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