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System For Airport Noise Exposure Studies – STAPES

The STAPES project was jointly initiated by the European Commission, EUROCONTROL and EASA. The objective is to develop a new aircraft noise model capable of performing multi-airport noise studies that fully complies with the latest guidance provided by ECAC Doc.29. The model will support all types of noise impact assessments in relation to the EC’s or the ICAO’s future policy options, as well as any new operational concept designed under the SESAR programme.

Nicolas Duchêne were part of a team   responsible for the development of detailed traffic datasets at the 'noisiest' European airports for the baseline year 2006. These airports account for approximately 90% of the people affected by aircraft Lden levels of 55 dB(A) and more in Europe.

The main activities were to:
  • collect airport traffic data from local authorities
  • match them with the information in EUROCONTROL's PRISME data warehouse
  • create airport-specific ground tracks using information from the AIP or local radar data
  • produce a set of input data for each airport directly usable in the STAPES model.
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