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Aviation MBM / MRV Training

Verifavia can develop a customised capacity building and training programme based on your needs and requirements.

Verifavia provides training and capacity building in the following areas:
  • MBM - Market Based Measures for Aviation (e.g. emissions trading, offsetting, etc.) - with detailed references to EU ETS, Shanghai ETS, Kyoto Protocol (CDM, JI), NMM (New Market Mechanism), Voluntary schemes, etc.
  • MRV - Monitoring, Reporting and Verification systems for Aviation with detailed references to the proposed global and current regional, national and local systems including EU, India, Shanghai, etc.
  • ICAO Forms - step-by-step review of current ICAO guidance for the definitions, procedures and calculation methodology for reporting including Form M (fuel, RTK), Form A (traffic, RTK, ATK), review of industry best practices, comparison of similarities and differences with methodologies already in use by many airlines for EU ETS reporting, facilitation of discussion between Civil Aviation Authorities and airlines and use expertise to resolve any outstanding issues
  • EU ETS – we offer a modular training programme that includes both an overview and detailed information about EU ETS including the procedures and calculation methodologies for the Annual Emissions and Tonne-kilometre monitoring plans and reports, procedures for internal and external verification, procedures for purchasing and surrendering CO2 allowances and types of carbon allowances, the legal framework in Europe, roles and responsibilities of the EU government regulators (Competent Authorities), etc.
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