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2022 Verifavia Updates - Message from Verifavia CEO


Dear Clients, Partners & Prospects!

First of all, on behalf of the Verifavia team, let me wish you a Happy New Year, give you my very best in 2022, with the hope for 2022 to be a year of strong recovery for the aviation industry!

At Verifavia, we have already kick-started the 2022 verification season with new aviation auditors, many new clients, improved processes and IT tools, a new programme (UK ETS) and new ideas!

We have recently welcomed new verifiers Lizeth (Spanish-speaking based in Paris, France), Vineet (based in Chandigarh, India), and Naama (based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) to the technical team. We now employ a strong expert team of 16 aviation auditors that you can meet here.

I am very honoured to announce that since CORSIA started in 2019, we have verified more than 300 different airlines from more than 100 countries! For the 2022 verification season alone, we are in process of verifying more than 280 airlines for EU ETS, CORSIA, Swiss ETS, and/or UK ETS... and we continue to welcome new clients every day! You will see here the list of airlines we verify. We heartfully thank our clients for their loyalty and fantastic appreciation of the quality of our services as you can read here and here.

The most important piece of news this year is the earlier submission deadline of your CORSIA emissions report which this time must be submitted by 30th April 2022 to your State Authority! As this earlier deadline is fast approaching, we urge you to speed up the preparation of your report and start engaging with your verifier as soon as possible. Don't miss out on our latest article 2021 CORSIA Reporting : A reminder on deadlines, rules changes, and more for tips and guidance.
Following Brexit and the start of UK ETS in January 2021, we are in process of transitioning our EU ETS accreditation to UK ETS with UKAS, and we expect to be the first verifier to be accredited for UK ETS in the days to come. We have already started to verify UK ETS emissions reports for more than 60 operators, and we urge you to take the necessary actions to start your UK ETS verification as soon as possible in view of the 31st March 2022 submission deadline to the UK Environment Agency. Please read our latest article for A quick recap on EU ETS, UK ETS, and CH ETS 2021 reporting.
We would also like to remind you that in addition to CORSIA, EU ETS, CH ETS and UK ETS verification, we are also able to verify your Carbon Inventory and your Environmental KPIs as per the GHG Protocol and the ISO 14064 standard. We are currently working on such projects with some of the largest groups of airlines in the world: the Qatar Airways Group, the TUI Group, the easyJet Group, the Ryanair Group, and Finnair. Please get in touch with us to learn more about these services.

Finally, 2022 will be our ninth year of verifying airports for the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme. We are thrilled to have kick-started the year by looking forward to verifications of the three airports managed by Aéroports de Paris (CDG, ORY and LBG) and EuroAirport for ACA level 4, and Changi International Airport in Singapore for ACA level 3 renewal amongst many others! Don't miss out on our dedicated ACA verification newsletter.

Finally, we are planning again our conference Aviation Carbon 2022 on 17-19 October this year; it will be the 6th edition, and will again take place at London-Heathrow. Please save the date!
We wish you a successful and pleasant 2022 verification season, and we remind you that we are always available for any questions you may have or guidance you may need on any of these topics. 

Thank you.

On behalf of the VERIFAVIA Aviation Team,

Julien Dufour, Chairman & CEO, VERIFAVIA & Chairman, VERIFAVIA SHIPPING-IHM
+33 665 697 489 (Mob), +33 143 227 194 (FR), +65 3157 3454 (SG), +44 207 117 2540 (UK), +91 8146063968 (IN), +1 415 500 9864 (US)
www.verifavia.com, www.verifavia-shipping.com

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