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Customer's feedback following the 2021 EU ETS & CORSIA verification season


‘Thanks to your team for all their hard work and cooperation.’, Bluebird Nordic

‘Many thanks for your help with the verification this year. We will see you again next year.’, Virgin Atlantic
‘Thank you for your professionalism and your kind support. We will sure be back to you next year.’, Sprintair SA
‘Thank you! It has been a pleasure for me too; verification is a both hard and interesting process that improves data flow processes inside the company. You did a great job, and the next year we are going to work together again’, Ukraine International Airlines
‘I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the high level of services offered by the Verifavia team. A marvelous job done, well managed under the circumstances, with a high level of professionalism. Many thanks and we look forward to working again in Y2022.’, Tasman Cargo
‘Just would like to highlight the patience from verifier throughout the reporting event. I enjoy working with him a lot.’, Tag Aviation Asia
‘A big thank to verifier on the whole verification process.’, Hong Kong Express
‘Thank you for your assistance and thanks for a job well done!’, SkyUp Airlines
‘Thank you very much for supporting us in the verification process. We’re glad working with Verifavia.’, Lion Air
‘Thank you for your kind assistance in the whole process of CORSIA audit and verification. Glad to collaborate with you and team, see you on the next year.’, Sriwijaya Air
‘Thanks so much for your work and help.’, Azurair Ukraine Airlines
‘Thank you for exercising due diligence during this verification effort. We are grateful for your detailed review which helped raise the quality of our CO2 data to acceptable standards.’, Air Senegal
‘Thanks, Julien, as always we appreciate the opportunity to work with VERIFAVIA. Thanks, Mathias, as always amazing to work with you’, Avianca Holdings

‘Thank you Azhar, always nice dealing with you.’, SkyService Business Aviation
‘I appreciate all the help and support of the Verifavia team to carry out this process.’, Viva Air Colombia
‘Thank you again for your work to assist us through the reporting cycle.’, Executive Jet Management
‘Thank you very much for your time and cooperation!’, Air Canada
‘Appreciate your support, guidance and patience once again.’, Air New Zealand
‘Thank you for your exceptional work this year Ismar. It’s always a pleasure to work with you!’, NetJets
‘Thank you Julien! Great to work with the team.’, Qantas Group
‘Thank you once again for your support in conducting verification for the Qantas Group 2020 emissions.’, Qantas Group
‘Thanks Ismar. It was a real pleasure working with you. I look forward to seeing you in person for the 2021 audit!’, Air Transat
‘Thank you very much for assisting us with completing the verification on time, it is much appreciated!
Hope to work with you again in the future.’, Israir Israeli Airlines
‘Congratulations, to you and your team on the completion of ICAO's CORSIA verification 2020. It's pleasure and honor for me to work with you on the verification of both of the System i.e. EU- ETS and CORSIA.’, Pakistan International Airlines
‘I am very grateful on behalf of PIA,  that ICOA's CORSIA  verification has been completed in a transparent & professional manner. Congratulation and thanks to all Ms/ Verifavia team, especially to Mr. Julien Dufour, Mr. Stanko Obad, Mr. Mathias Grossmann & Mr. Azhar Ahmed Sayeed.’, Pakistan International Airlines
‘Thanks to all of you. It was a pleasure to work with you again.’, COPA Airlines
‘We are really glad! Thank you for all support and patience in that process.’, Azul Lihnas Aereas Brazileiras
‘Please accept my sincere appreciations for you and the VERIFAVIA Audit team.’, Air Cairo
'That’s great, thanks so much for your help on this, you’re really great to work with.',  Virgin Australia
‘Thank you for your efforts!! It was a pleasure to work with Ankit and Ismar.’, Azerbaijan Airlines
‘I am pleased to have the chance to show my gratitude for your efforts through the whole process. I would like to thank you for completing the verification process and I am looking forward to cooperate with you again.’, Nile Air
‘Thank you for the prompt follow up, has been a pleasure working with you.’, Jazz Aviation
‘Je vous remercie également pour  votre  rapidité ainsi  que  pour  votre  collaboration.’ ‘Je tiens à vous remercier, encore  une fois,   pour votre  professionnalisme et votre rigueur.’, Tunisair
‘On behalf of Royal Jet, thanks a lot for all Verifavia team in completing on-time CORSIA external verification for the second consecutive year. I personally appreciate the professional approach for CORSIA verification provided by your team.’, Royal Jet
‘Thank you so much for your assistance with the verification. It is truly appreciated.’, Solenta Aviation
‘Thanks for your perfect cooperation and hope that our mutual business will continue in the future,' Tailwind
‘I would like to extend my gratitude towards the commitment and support throughout the verification process.’, Malindo Airways
‘Thank you for your assistance in the verification process of our Emissions report’. Cebu Air
‘Comme d’habitude nous avons beaucoup apprécié le professionnalisme et la qualité des échanges et de pilotage de l’audit de la part de Verifavia. Je remercie particulièrement Hélène dans ce sens.’ Royal Air Maroc
‘Je vous remercie pour la bonne conduite de cet audit et pour la qualité des échanges que nous avons eu tout au long du processus. Nous nous félicitons tous pour la qualité du travail fourni et son rendu.’, Royal Air Maroc
‘Thanks a lot Mrs. Dalia for your great cooperation. Thanks a lot Mr. Julien and your team for great support and cooperation.’, Air Arabia Egypt
‘Thank you for much for your services and professional work.’, Flynas
‘First I wanted to start by thanking you and all of VERIFAVIA's team for all your efforts and support during the verification process.’, Middle East Airlines
‘Thank you all for the support and assistance provided to achieve this task. Many thanks for timely completion of verification audit.’, SriLankan Airlines
‘Thank you very much for the good news and for the productive cooperation during the recent months.’ El Al
‘Agradezco enormemente su compromiso y entrega oportuna de gestión.’ LAS Cargo
‘Thank you for kind assistance.’, Armenia Aircompany
‘Dear Subha, First of all, let me thank you for all the assistance, suggestions, and cooperation during the audit process from your and Ismar's side. I hope that you still want to be a verifier after this audit, after these four nervous months. Just a joke. The verification report is well received and it looks good.’, Aerotranscargo
‘Bonjour Subha, Julien et Mathias,
Je voudrais vous remercier très chaleureusement pour vos travaux de vérification de nos émissions conduits à la fois avec un très grand professionnalisme, et la prise en compte de la complexité de la dimension d’Air France.’, Air France
‘First of all, Our entire team of CORSIA would like to thank you for your constant  support and immense coordination in the entire verification process.’, Nepal Airlines Corporation
‘Thanks, Julien, and many thanks to your team to deliver the CORSIA verification of our airlines.’, Cathay Pacific Group
‘We appreciate your support on our verification. Wholeheartedly thanks for your assistance in the past few months. It has been a pleasure.’, Hong Kong Airlines
‘First of all, we would like to thank you for the cooperation with Bamboo Airways. It is a really great pleasure for us to become partners with you. Your high professional and many years’ experience mean a lot to us. We appreciate your time for working on our Emissions Report to get the verification on time.’, Bamboo Airways
‘Thanks a lot for your cooperation!’, Air Astana
‘Many thanks to you all and to Mr. Himanshu.’, Fly Jordan
‘It was a real pleasure!’, Sunwings Airlines
'Thank you very much for the completed verification of Silk Way Airlines! Many thanks for your great cooperation.', Silk Way Airlines
'We are happy to complete the verification successfully.', Oman Air
'We really appreciate your assistance for our airlines. We are looking forward to working with you again in the future.', Cambodia Airways.
'Thank you so much. I am so happy to receive such an email.', Proflight Zambia
'Acknowledge receipt with thanks and much appreciated for your excellent service.', Myanmar Airways International
'Thank you very much for the Verification report. Congratulation also to the Verifavia team who conducted this audit. I would also want to thank you for your understanding because this audit was done in a very particular situation that was not easy. I wish the best for both our Companies for the future and we look forward to always enjoy a mutually beneficial business relationship.', Air Madagascar
'Thank you very much for the enormous effort on your part and Verifavia. We are very grateful for your help!', Sky Airline S.A.
'I also would like to deeply express my gratitude for you and the Verafavia team's effort for the CORSIA verification. I would like to thank you for your professional style and effort to help me during the verification process.' Pacific Airlines

'Thank you very much for the completed verification of Silk Way West Airlines! Many thanks for your great work and cooperation!', Silk Way West Airlines
'Thank you for your work.', Turkmenistan Airlines
'Great news, thanks to you and all the team, and special thanks to Melissa she was very supportive and cooperative through our verification process.', Fly Baghdad
'Thank you very much for this verification report. We appreciate your support in ensuring a smooth verification process and your prompt response in tackling some of the issues at odd hours.', Singapore Airlines
'Thanks for bringing the good news! That’s certainly music to my ears.
It has been a great pleasure working with Verifavia. Special thanks to Kaustubh who has provided professional expertise for the 2020 CORSIA verification audit.', FlyScoot
'We are grateful for Verifavia’s support throughout the entire audit process as always. @julien.dufour, @mathias.grossmann on behalf of SilkAir, we would like to commend Kaustubh’s dedication and effort in the conduct of this audit for both the 2019 and 2020 reporting years. Much appreciated everyone.', Silk Air
'On behalf of WestJet, I would like to thank you for all of your extra support and time invested with us as we struggled our way through the verification process. We look forward to our continued partnership.', Westjet Group
'Thank you very much. This was a great experience even for the other KQ colleagues.', Kenya Airways
'Thank you very much for your work.', Aurora Airlines
'Thank you for the Verification Report', Salam Air
'Thank you for all the coordination to make this verification smooth.', Air Asia Indonesia
'It was a pleasure working with you this year. Once again, hope to work with you again next year and stay safe always.', Air Asia Malaysia
'Thank you for your kind assistance throughout the verification.', Flyfirefly
'Thank you so much for the report. We appreciate the work done thank you.', RwandAir
'Thank you very much for your prompt workmanship to successfully compile the VR with ICAO timeframe.', Air Vanuatu
'Hi Subha, Thanks to you and all the team involved in the verification. We were able to do it on time thanks to everyone's effort. And I really appreciate your good disposition and kindness through the process. It makes a big difference each time things get momentarily complicated.',  LATAM
'Thank you so much.', Air Arabia Maroc
'I would like to thank you and your team for the professionalism, objectivity and respect you’ve shown.', Saudi Gulf
'Many thanks to all of you, thank you for your valuable inputs. We learn new things every year.', Novair
'We thank you for sending us the Verification Report for the CORSIA monitoring period 2020. Thank you for the kind words, which is appreciated, and the team is happily receiving it.
Indeed, it was a pleasure also on our side. Stay safe and see you next season.', Qatar Amiri Flight

'Thank you for all your help.', Freebird Airlines
'That’s great news! Thank you very much for the guidance, feedback, and verification.', Challenge Airlines
'Thank you Azhar, same here, always nice dealing with you.', SkyService Business Aviation
'Hi Azhar, Once again thank you very much for your help with our reporting!', Jettime A/S
'Thanks a lot for the verification. Your work is really appreciated.', Global Jet Group
'It is great news! We have carried out the modifications that you stated in your mail and we have submitted our Emissions report to DGAC this morning. Thank you very much for your collaboration and the work done!', ASL Airlines France
‘Je vous remercie pour votre bonne collaboration qui a facilité le travail jusque-là.’, Air Burkina
‘Nous vous remercions pour votre accompagnement tout au long de ce processus. Nous sommes impatient d’être à l’année prochaine afin de renouveler cette expérience.’, Air Côte d’Ivoire
‘Thank you Mathias for all the quick and thorough guidance along the way.’, JetBlue
‘Un tout grand merci pour votre support et votre travail.‘, ASL Belgium
‘Je vous remercie pour le support’, Groupe Transair
‘Great Thank you !’, Cargolux and Cargolux Italia
‘We acknowledge receipt of your feedback on our carbon emission report declaration for 2020, for which we thank you.’, Airbus SAS
‘Grand merci’, Air Belgium
‘Merci pour ce rapport promptement finalisé.’, AirCalin
‘Merci beaucoup pour les documents et pour votre aide’, Transavia
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