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Customers’ feedback following the 2019 EU MRV verification season


The Verifavia Shipping team is very happy to share the feedback from the clients we served in 2019 for the verification of their 2018 emissions reports.

We thank all clients for their patience, hard work and trust in making this first EU MRV verification season a success for all of us! 

We enjoyed working with you, and we look forward to another round of successful EU MRV verification next year!

The Verifavia Shipping Team


‘I want to thank you for all support and assistance during the process until submitting the data. Without such believe this would almost been impossible.’ Wisby Shipmanagement

‘You were a great help and has rendered valuable assistance beyond my expectation. Thank you for your proactive assistance and timely reply to all my messages. It made a difference.’, Berge Bulk

‘Thank you very much for your excellent support.’, UECC

‘Thanks a lot for sharing the DoCs and guiding us through this tedious process. I am specially thankful to Yuvraj and his team who have been a great help throughout this journey, helping and supporting us promptly. Looking forward to similar great support every year going forward.’, Epic Ship Management Pte. Ltd.

‘Thank you for the timely support from your good company to make the verification completed smoothly.’, Wallem

‘We take this opportunity to thank you and the team for all the assistance and guidance rendered during the entire audit and review process’, Dania Ship Management Bulk A/S

‘Thank you for kind cooperation.’, Ost-West-Handel und Schiffahrt GmbH

‘Again, thank you so much your kind assistance.’, SE Ship Management Pte. Ltd.

‘I would like to personally thank you and Mr Shubham Jain for your valuable help. We hope for a fruitful cooperation next year.’, ACA Shipping Corp

‘Many thanks for your efforts and support.’, ZEABORN Ship Management GmbH & Cie. KG

‘Thank you so much for all your assistance! …big thanks to all of you who have been involved!’, ForSea

‘Thanks a lot Nicolas, and thanks for all help and good input during the process, now we are better prepared for next year.’, Team Tankers International

‘Thanks you very much for the support during this process.’, OSM

‘Thank you for your cooperation and support.’, Transal Denizcilik Tic. A.S.

‘Thanks for all the support and guidance provided for submission of the reports as per the requirements.’, ASP Ship Management Singapore Pte Ltd

‘Thank you very much for the efficient collaboration and expert assistance rendered.’, Berge Bulk

‘Thanks to all for cooperation,  it was a pleasure to work with you!’, ESL Shipping

‘Thank you for your good cooperation in successfully submitting the report to commission.’, Chellaram

‘Thanks for all your assistance.’, Dole

‘Thank you very much for all your feedback and assistance, highly appreciated.’, Alba Tankers

‘Thanks so much for all the assistance provided to us by Verifavia.’, Fairmont Shipping (HK) Ltd.

‘Thank you for your kind and timely update! It was a pleasure and a good experience working with you and your team. Thank you to everyone involved!’, The China Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd

‘Thank you for your team’s help and extensive scrutiny in this verification process.’, Vessel Energy Efficiency Management System (VEEMS)

‘I would like to thank you and your team for the assistance and special thanks to Shubham for his patience and diligence in collecting all the required information from our side.’, Lemissoler Navigation Co. Ltd

‘Thank you for the documents and all the support you’ve provided.’, BURGESS

‘It is time that I thank you for an extraordinarily co-operation over the past months – even years. The entire EU MRV process has certainly been a steep learning curve and I appreciate the constructive dialogue we have had on many topics. You no doubt have a few hectic hours ahead still, but once done you can sit back in the acknowledgement that you have done a fine job.’, DFDS A/S

‘I would like to thank all of you at Verifavia for the assistance and guidance provided in all stages of verification.’, Lydia Mar Shipping Co SA

‘At this time I would like to thank both of you for your all time cooperation, quick response times and always valuable feedback. Wishing you a nice time ahead and looking forward to working with you again in order to tackle the 2019 data.’, AUG. BOLTEN

‘Wow, that is some excellent service! I did not expect an answer at 0600 in the morning!! I hope that you have some free time and that your boss appreciate your loyalty!’, ForSea 

‘Cordial thanks for your assistance all this time, cooperation, patience is the key ! and in spite all mistakes, problems and arguments, the result satisfies all of us.’, Times Navigation Inc.

‘Much appreciated – and a great work done by your team. Thank you.’, UltraShip

‘Thank you and the team for the effort.’, Grindrod Ship Management

‘We would like to thank you very much for assistance! Evidently, it would be problematic for us to complete the verification without your professional and comprehensive advises and recommendations.’, Vernal Shipping

‘Thank you for your continuous support throughout this very first verification period! We look forward to working with you again!’, Tamar Ship Management

‘Thank you as always for your immediate response.’, Attica Group

‘Dear Verifavia Shipping family, As we are working partners for EU MRV, we hereby want to thank you so much for all of your invaluable assistance. We really appreciate your work and help. During this verification period of EU MRV, we had a great experience with a smooth journey. We’re really delighted and pleased to get our MRV DOC for our vessels and totally pleased with your co-operation. Last of all, special thanks to your MRV-DCS auditors Mr. Pulkit Bhayana and Mr. Shubham Jain for their fully support, loyal assistance and their friendly behaviour for completing procedures of EU MRV for our fleet. We really satistifed with working with these nice people and we also state that we really enjoyed with this period. During this verification works, we everytime felt free to contact with them in case of every doubt and every confusing situation and we get clearly answers to our questions everytime, so believe that we did good job with their guidance and help. Looking forward to work with all of you again.’, Armador Ship Management

‘Thanks so much the great assistance for the MRV DOC 2018, which are duly rcvd in order.’, Shanghai Runyuan Shipping Management Co., Ltd

‘First of all I want to thank you for your kind and very professional cooperation! Thank you for all advice/help that you offered me, even when you were out of office hours or holiday. We are glad that we chose Verifavia and we look forward to our collaboration. I hope to work again with you for the next year report.’, Arados Shipping

‘Many thanks for again for all your support and assistance. It was an excellent collaborative event, and I am sure team will be better prepared next year.’, Wallem

‘Thanks for your message and a lot for all the assistance in the past.’, Freese Shipping Gmbh & Co. Kg

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