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EU MRV Regulation - March 2017 Newsletter


Verifavia Shipping receives first accreditation from UKAS as a full global independent EU MRV Verifier


Verifavia, the world’s leading emissions verification company for the transport sector (aviation and shipping), recently announced that it has been fully accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) as a global EU monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) verifier.
This accreditation enables Verifavia Shipping to perform EU MRV services, not only for the assessment of monitoring plans, but also for the verification of carbon emission reports according to the ISO 14065 standard and regulation 757/2015. In addition, Verifavia is able to assess or verify any ship anywhere in the world, regardless of country of ownership, flag state, or class.

Read more about the accreditation from UKAS
Download our schedule of accreditation from UKAS
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Verifavia Shipping  to host free EU MRV Seminars in Athens & Hong Kong


Verifavia Shipping (Hellas) invites you to participate in the upcoming free-to-attend EU MRV seminar. Nicolas Duchene, Technical Director, Verifavia Shipping and Nikolas Theodorou, Managing Director, Verifavia Shipping (Hellas) will address Greek shipping companies on EU MRV and will provide them with key information about the deadlines, the requirements and the challenges of the EU MRV with a focus on the Monitoring Plan. The seminar is scheduled for Thursday, 6th April 2017 and we very much hope to see you there!

Verifavia Shipping would like to invite you to participate in our free EU MRV seminar to be held next week in Central Hong Kong on Wednesday, 5th April  next week. The seminar will be focused on the practical requirements of the EU MRV Regulation for Hong Kong based shipping companies.

Click here to register for the Seminar in Athens
Click here to register for the Seminar in Hong Kong
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Verifavia Shipping at the 2017 GREEN4SEA Conference & Awards


Verifavia Shipping along with other leading maritime organisations will sponsor the 2017 GREEN4SEA Conference & Awards is which take place next weem on Wednesday, 5th April 2017 in Eugenides Foundation.

Nikolas Theodorou, Managing Director, Verifavia Shipping (Hellas) will speak about EU MRV during a panel session dedicated to the Emissions Monitoring, Reporting & Verification regulation. If you are attending the conference and want to hear more about the regulation and how it impacts you, please join us for the discussion during Panel#5.

Following the conference and awards, delegates are also welcome to continue networking during a cocktail reception.


WATCH: How Verifavia Shipping certified VEEMS platform can assist with meeting EU MRV requirements


Viswa Lab recently launched their fully developed and market-ready product for the marine industry. The VEEMS system was originally introduced in 2014 and has been undergoing incremental improvements and robust testing to meet or surpass all known IMO and EU regulations.

Verifavia certified Viswa Lab’s Energy Efficiency Management System (VEEMS) against the EU Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) Regulation 2015/757 and the ISO 25051 standard on software engineering. The certification process followed the ISO 17065 standard on product certification.

Watch the video below developed by our partners at Viswa Lab - to better understand how the VEEMS platform can assist with meeting EU MRV requirements.

Read more about the VEEMS certification by Verifavia Shipping 
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Shipping emissions: lessons learned from the aviation industry


Julien Dufour, CEO, Verifavia Shipping, recently spoke with Green4Sea on the current developments regarding the possible inclusion of shipping in an EU emissions trading scheme (ETS). In the Q&A interview, Julien stressed that regardless of whether the offsetting scheme is eventually run by either the IMO or EU, it is important for the industry to not deviate from the initial objective, which remians the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from shipping. Mr Dufour  also drew on his long experience from the aviation industry to describe what he believes an EU ETS for shipping would mean, noting that it would definitely be a ‘complex process’.

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Read the interview published in Green4Sea
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