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EU MRV Regulation - November 2017 Newsletter


Verifavia Shipping certifies Enerforce Solutions & Consulting's 'Liberty performance monitoring and compliance SW' for EU MRV use


Verifavia Shipping recently certified Enerforce Solutions & Consulting’s ‘Liberty performance monitoring and compliance solution’ against the requirements of the EU MRV Regulation.

The Liberty performance monitoring and compliance solution is a complete operational tool for fleet performance, which employs KPI measurements as well as automatic detection of EU MRV applicable voyages (or parts of voyages) according to the guidelines of EU Commission. The tool is in full accordance with the Regulation, as it covers all types of vessels and includes all the possible voluntary fields.

For maximum usability, Liberty has been certified for all three fuel related monitoring methods out of the available four. This allows ship owners and operators choosing to use the tool with the flexibility to select their preferred monitoring method.

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Verifavia Shipping fully accredited as an independent verifier for the Clean Shipping Index (CSI)


Along with being the first globally accredited verifier to earn dual accreditation from UKAS and COFRAC for EU MRV Regulation, Verifavia Shipping recently became a fully accredited verifier for the CSI (Clean Shipping Index).

The Clean Shipping Index is a tool used by cargo owners to assess the environmental performance of shipping. The Index covers most significant environmental impacts and is calculated based on the shipping company entering data for each of their ships into a web-based database. The database presents the score achieved for the ships in the shipping company’s fleet benchmarked against vessels owned by other shipping companies.

If you need to have your CSI data verified, and if you are interested in discounted verification fees, please contact us to get proposal.

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Verifavia Shipping to present at International Shipping & Maritime Technology Summit, Athens from 28-29 November


Julien  Dufour, CEO, Verifavia Shipping will be present at the upcoming International Green Shipping and Technology Summit which takes place in Athens between 28-29 November. Organised by Global Industrial Events, which specialises in global range oil & gas, shipping, and renewable energy industrial events, the event will bring together key players in the industry from across the globe.

Julien will address delegates on "How to comply with EU MRV & IMO DCS regulations." The presentation will aim to provide delegates with an overview and regulatory update on both regulations, as well as provide clarity on the similarities and differences of the two regulations, and how best to achieve timely and cost-effective compliance.

Verifavia Shipping aims to become the first choice for the provision of emissions verification information and services


Verifavia Shipping, and Verifavia Shipping Hellas which serves the Greece and Cyprus-based shipping market, strives to be the maritime industry’s first choice for the provision of efficient, competitive, and flexible emissions verification information and services worldwide.
By combining its innovative approach and streamlined procedures with the technical expertise and industry knowledge of its team, Verifavia Shipping provides a top-class service that ensures its customers experience a smooth verification journey.

Services offered by Verifavia Shipping include:
  1. EU MRV Monitoring Plan Assessment
  2. EU MRV Emissions Report Verification
  3. IMO Data Collection System (DCS) Verification
  4. EU MRV IT System Certification
  5. Clean Shipping Index (CSI) Verification
  6. Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG) Verification

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