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EU Shipping MRV Regulation - May 2016 Newsletter



Verifavia Shipping invites you to visit our stand at Posidonia at booth 1.148 and take part in "free-to-attend" masterclasses on EU MRV Regulation

Verifavia Shipping is participating in the week long Posidonia - International Shipping Exhibition from 6-10 June at the Metropolitan Expo, Greece. Verifavia Shipping will conduct free masterclasses on EU MRV Regulation to help clarify this widely misunderstood regulation.

The free masterclasses at Posidonia will be delivered by experts from Verifavia Shipping and are available for all ship owners, operators and ICT solutions providers visiting our stand 1.148. The interactive sessions address four key areas of concern including; what is classed as a voyage, which emission sources are included or excluded, the differences between the four allowable monitoring methods, and the various key deadlines shipowners must adhere to. In addition, those attending will be encouraged to ask questions on all aspects of the regulation.

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How to Avoid an MRV Bottleneck - Julien Dufour, CEO, Verifavia Shipping spoke to The Motorship

In an interview with The Motorship, Julien Dufour, CEO, Verifavia Shipping says Shipowners should act now to ensure compliance with the European Union’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) regulation, intended to accurately establish shipping carbon emissions data before any future reduction measures.

From ECA compliance to sulphur abatement, shipowners habitually time their regulatory compliance with last-minute precision. But while the first deadline for the MRV - the submission of a monitoring plan for approval by 31 August 2017 - is more than a year away, the time to act is now, says Dufour.

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Shipping MRV for shipowners and operators: Challenges and Readiness

At the 38th Propulsion & Emissions Conference held on 11-12 May in Hamburg, Julien Dufour, CEO, Verifavia Shipping and Poul Woodall, Director, Environment & Sustainability, DFDS presented the paper on the challenges and readiness of Shipping MRV for shipowners and operators.

After a brief overview of the main principles and key milestones of the Shipping MRV Regulation and a status update of the delegated and implementing acts, they talked about MRV from the perspective of the shipowners and operators including: how to prepare for MRV from a legal, organisational and technical perspective? What are the technical and administrative challenges of MRV? And how will verification be conducted?

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EU MRV Regulation Status Update by Julien Dufour at Green4Sea Conference

Julien Dufour, CEO, Verifavia Shipping provided an update on ‘’EU Shipping MRV Regulation’’ during the 2016 GREEN4SEA Conference & Awards. He reminded that MRV Regulation 2015/757 came into force on 1st July 2015 and shipping companies operating in the EU have until 2017 to prepare plans to monitor and report their carbon emissions.

From 2018 onwards, ships over 5,000 gross tonnage calling at EU ports must collect and submit verified annual data on CO2 emissions. They will also be required to carry a Document of Compliance issued by an accredited MRV verifier.

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The IMO MEPC 69 Summary – All You Need To Know


The international shipping political community gathered in London as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) held its 69th Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) session at the IMO Headquarters in London. 

The agenda for this highly anticipated meeting held the potential for many twists and turns. Ballast water management, reducing shipping GHG emissions, and vessel efficiency were all in line to take a battering from Member States, Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and industry associations.

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