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Feedback from operators following 2020 CORSIA verification


“Thank you very much for the great news and as always it has been a pleasure working with you. You have been very helpful, supportive and professional in your dealings with me and I have again learned  a lot from you. Superb service from the Verifavia team. l hope to work with you  and the Verifavia team in  a new position where ever that might be.”, Execujet Middle East

“We are delighted to receive this report at a timely instance. In addition , we will also forward to our competent authority. We appreciate your team and their efforts.’, Arik Air

‘On behalf of Royal Jet, I appreciate whole VERIFAVIA team for their dedicated, professional and prompt verification services before the GCAA submission deadline compliance.’, Royal Jet

‘It has been a real pleasure to work with you. We have learnt a lot and look forward to the 2020 submission.’, Comair

‘Thank you for all the work and for your thoroughness. Working with you was a pleasure. Thank you for designating such a competent auditor to verify our report. Kudos to Ismar for all the effort and patience.’, Sprintair

‘Thank you for email and for your effort during the last couple of days, it is really appreciated. On behalf of Egyptair, I would like to say thank you for all Verifavia team and I hope that we can have the pleasure of cooperation with you for many more years to come.’, Egyptair

‘We look forward to working with you on the 2020 verification!’, Jazz Aviation

‘Thank you for the update much appreciated’, Cal Cargo Airlines

‘It was a great job with the VERIFAVIA team. Separately, I would like to thank Ismar for the prompt consideration of all issues. I hope that our joint work in the future will be equally favourable and mutually beneficial. My best wishes to VERIFAVIA team.​’, Azerbaijan Airlines

‘Tous nos remerciements à l’équipe Verifavia.’, Air Madagascar

‘Many thanks for your team’s great effort in verifying our 2019 Emissions Report. Thanks for your hard work and assistance all the way!’, Hong Kong Airlines

‘I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by you and your team. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated and the way you conduct business as a whole.’, Sky Prime Aviation Services

‘Thank you so much for the professionalisms in handling the audit and the continuous assistance and support. Was a pleasure working with all of you.’, Kuwait Airways

‘Thank your kindly for your efforts.’, Air Georgian

‘This is great news.  I want to thank you for all your positive and constructive feedback during this process.’, Hawaiian Airlines

‘Many thanks for your kind support.’, FlyEgypt

‘Many thanks for the report. We appreciate all your efforts in verifying our emissions monitoring report.’, FlyDubai

‘Thank you for all your help.’, Freebird Airlines

‘Thank you Dalia and team for this.’, Etihad

‘It was a pleasure working with you’, GejJet Airlines

‘Thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with you’, Air Atlanta Icelandic

‘Thank you all again for your continued support and hard work.’, Gama Aviation

‘I wanted to thank you for the support and flexibility that you have expressed during this complicated period for air transport. Looking forward to working with you next time’, Air Tahiti Nui

‘Thanks for your help in completing this.’, EasyJet

‘Thank you for high quality verification process!’, Ukraine International Airlines

‘Thanks for you activities and great job.’, Maximus Airlines

‘I thank you for the work you have done, especially in recent weeks in such a particular context, your great availability and the quality of our exchanges.’, HOP!

‘I thank you for your verification work carried out with great professionalism.’, Air France

‘Thank you for your hard work during the verification process. Looking forward to working with you next year again!’, Etihad

‘I  am  very  grateful on behalf of PIA the ICOA's CORSIA  verification have been  completed  in  transparent  & professional manner. Congratulation and thanks   to  all  Ms/  Verifavia  team, specially to Mr. Julien Dufour, Mr. Stanko Obad, Ms. Beata Kusova, Ms Helene Manzoni & Ms. Dalia Sakar.’, Pakistan International

‘We would like to thank you and the team for your assistance throughout the verification process.’, Philippines Air Asia

‘I want to thank you for your efforts and assistance to improve our system and I hope that next time we will not have such problems. Hope to cooperate with you in the future.’, Aerotranscargo

‘Thank you very much for all of the hard work done and for your support’., PT. Air Asia Indonesia and Air Asia Indonesia X
‘Thank you for your joint and operational work and cooperation.’, - Aurora Airlines

‘Thank you very much and thanks for all your hard work and guidance’.  - BlueBird

I wanted to start by thanking you and all of VERIFAVIA's team for all your efforts and support during the verification process’., - Middle East Airlines

‘As always we appreciate the efforts of your team’., - Dubai Air Wing

‘As always, it is a pleasure working with you and with the rest of VERIFAVIA’s staff.’, ISRAIR Israeli Airlines

‘Thank you very much.  It was great working with you.  We are very pleased with the  service and professionalism that you have provided.  We look forward to continue working with you.’, Sky Regional

I wanted to thank you for your thoroughness and for bringing to our attention areas of improvement to our EMRS.’, Air Canada

‘First of all, we would like to thank you for your cooperation in verifying our 2019 emission. It was a pleasure to work with your team throughout CORSIA verification process. It was truly a good learning experience.’, FlyFirefly

‘Thank you very much for all your effort and your efficient work. I appreciate it.’ - Chair Airlines

‘Thank you very much! Your valued professional work is highly appreciated!!! Your Very Professional and Great Team worked on our first CORSIA Verification 2019!’, Silk Way Airlines

‘Thanks so much for you support, patience, and incredible cooperation in this process.’, Avianca

‘Thank you for your information and good cooperation during the verification process. In hope for further cooperation.’, Belavia, Belarussian Airlines

‘I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and support all through the verification process’. Air Seychelles

‘I would like to extend my gratitude towards the commitment and support throughout the verification process’. Malindo Airways Sdn Bhd

‘Good news, thank you very much for the excellent support in your verification.’ - Transportes Aereos De Cabo Verde (TACV)

‘Thank you Mathias and Ismar for all your work on this!! Truly Mathias, your speedy responses and clear instructions made this all possible for us.’, JetBlue Airways

‘I wanted to reach out to let you know how impressed and helpful Ismar has been with our/my first Corsia Submission for Kalitta Air.  He has steered me into the correct directions and told me where to find my answers  when I have had questions and this being the first year with the Corsia Submission I want to say Thank you for the wonderful job your staff did.’, Kalitta Air

‘Thank you for all of your support and assistance – very much appreciated. It was a pleasure working with you and also the Verifavia team in accomplishing the 2019 CORSIA task.’, Jordan Aviation

‘Thank you again for all of your assistance and guidance through this process.’, Executive Jet Management

‘Thank you so much for your support.’, Sky Angkor Airlines

‘Thanks and look forward to working together on future reports.’, Virgin Australia

‘Many thanks for the final report. Thanks for your support. ‘, Execujet Australia

‘It was a pleasure working with the entire team at Verifavia. Your support was excellent, and the verification for both ETS and CORSIA was performed professionally and to a very high standard.’, NetJets Aviation

‘Thank you for your update information and support as always.’, Thai Lion Mentari

‘Thank you and we really appreciate your kindly assistance and professional service from your side. I really appreciate your thorough and professional audit and verification on our ER.’, Cambodia Airways

‘Thank you very much for supporting us in verification process. We’re very happy working with Verifavia’., Lion Air

‘Thank you very much for you and your team whose lead our verification’, Batik Air

‘I would like to take the opportunity to thank Verifavia for the support throughout the whole audit and commend Kaustubh, who had provided timely feedback that enabled us to act quickly. His guidance were instrumental in achieving this outcome.’, Singapore Airlines

‘First of all thank you for your all kind efforts and cooperation’, Onur Air

‘Appreciate your high level of professionalism and patience to work with us for our 1st Emissions Report.’, Scoot Tiger Air

‘I’d like to thank you from me personally and from the team of Economics Department for the fruitful cooperation. […] Thank you for the information on verification completion. Thanks to you we managed to do it in time. We are very grateful to you.’, Transaviaexport Airlines

‘It has been great working with Verifavia and happy that we have finally completed this task.’, FlyNas

‘Please accept my appreciations for you and VERIFAVIA Audit team.’, Air Cairo

‘Please accept my sincere appreciation for your efficient and timely completion of verification process with necessary guidance.’, Srilankan Airlines

’We appreciate Verifavia’s continued support for future CORSIA audits. Much appreciated Kaustubh, thanks for the hard work from your end.’, Silk Air Singapore

‘First of all, NAC would like to thank you and your team for constant support in every step of verification process. NAC is please to inform it was pleasure working with you.’, Nepal Airlines Corporation
‘Thank you and our great appreciation for the support and collaboration from your team to accomplish MAI Emission Report 2019. Look forward to working with VERIFAVIA throughout for future verifications.’ Myanmar Airways International.
‘Thank You for your supporting to Myanmar National Airlines.’ Myanmar National Airline
‘Thank you very much & your efforts are highly appreciated.’, Royal Jordanian
‘Thank you so much for cooperation. It was a pleasure working with you.’, Aviastar-TU
'Merci pour votre mail et le travail fourni par toute l'équipe. C'était un plaisir de travailler avec vous.', Nouvelair
‘Thank you very much and I really appreciate your kind cooperation and ongoing support.’, Aerocompany Armenia
‘Aussi, je saisie  cette  occasion  pour  remercier particulièrement  mademoiselle  Chaimae  Rhallab   pour la qualité de  son travail, son professionnalisme  et sa rigueur  dans la réalisation des  travaux  de  vérification et le climat de confiance réciproque avec lequel nous avons mené ensemble cette mission d'audit.’, Tunisair
‘Merci beaucoup pour ton retour et aussi pour la qualité de nos échanges.’, Royal Air Maroc
‘Many thanks for your meticulous guidance and handling of this very important project. Much appreciated and looking forward to the next project for year 2020.’, Proflight Zambia
‘Thanks dear Julien & Azhar for the great efforts.’, FlyJordan

‘Thank you for your assistance in the verification process of our ER’., Cebu Pacific Inc.

‘Please allow me to send my gratitude for the very sufficient & efficient verification process that we had. Thank you very much & your efforts are highly appreciated.’, Royal Jordanian

‘Thank you to your whole team for patience and support.’, Air Arabia

‘Travailler avec vous était très constructif et agréable.’, Tassili Airlines

‘Thank You for guiding us through this Audit. We have had a great learning experience as this was our first audit and would love to work again with the team from VERIFAVIA again soon.’, Fiji Airways

‘Thank you Julien – I truly appreciate everyone’s effort to make sure we delivered this on time! Thank you very much for your work through this process! Pleasure working with you.', Qantas

‘Thank you very much. Once again, your patience throughout this process is highly appreciated’., Kenya Airways PLC

‘First of all thank you for the great job you have done. That was impressive. A special thank you for Mr Azhar Syed from Verifavia for the well-organized work and guidance provided during this audit.’, Saudia

‘Thank you for your golden time to ensure our Emissions Report has gone through a stern verification process.’, PAL Express

‘Thank you so much’, Arkia Israeli Airlines

‘Thank you very much for Verifavia (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.team and for your great efforts.’, Almasria Universal Airlines

‘Thank you and Julien for the amazing job! Me, and all the team involved, appreciate, Mathias, Thank you! See you next year!’, Azul Brazilian Airlines

‘Many thanks !!’, Air Italy

‘Thank you very much for your kind efforts. Thank you Julien and Verifavia team. It was a pleasure working with Azhar on this first CORSIA verification.’, Qatar Airways

‘Thank you all for the verification service provided by your kind side. It was a pleasure.’, AMC Airlines

‘Thank you for all of your feedback and assistance during this first audit.’, Sunwing Airlines

‘Thank you Azhar you have been very cooperative during this process.’, SkyService Business Aviation

‘Thank you all for a great verification experience, this has been a learning experience for us and a very satisfying one too. Great professionals Julien, Ismar, Mathias, really appreciate the process, looking forward to our next work together,.’, Copa Airlines

‘Thank you very much for your work!’, LATAM Airlines

‘Thanks Julien. Ismar was a pleasure to work with.’, Air Transat

‘We really appreciate the commitment and support you provided  throughout this process considering the short time we had. It was indeed a pleasure working with you.’, Rwandair

Great news, thanks to you and all the team and special thanks for Melissa she was very supportive and cooperative through our verification process. – Fly Baghdad
Thank you very much for this verification report. We appreciate your support in ensuring a smooth verification process and your prompt response in tackling some of the issues at odd hours. – Singapore Airlines
Thanks for bringing the good news! That’s certainly music to my ears.
It has been a great pleasure working with Verifavia. Special thanks to Kaustubh who has provided professional expertise for 2020 CORSIA verification audit. - FlyScoot
We are grateful for Verifavia’s support throughout the entire audit process as always. @julien.dufour, @mathias.grossmann on behalf of SilkAir, we would like to commend Kaustubh’s dedication and effort in the conduct of this audit for both the 2019 and 2020 reporting years. Much appreciated everyone. - Silk Air
On behalf of WestJet, I would like to thank you for all of your extra support and time invested with us as we struggled our way through the verification process. We look forward to our continued partnership. - Westjet Group
Thank you very much. This was a great experience even for the other KQ colleagues. - Kenya Airways
Thank you very much for your work.- Aurora Airlines
Thank you for all the coordination to make this verification smooth. - Air Asia Indonesia
It was a pleasure working with you this year. Once again, hope to work with you again next year and stay safe always. – Air Asia Malaysia
Thank you for your kind assistance throughout the verification. - Flyfirefly
Thank you so much for the report. We appreciate the work done thank you - RwandAir

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