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ICAO's CORSIA - April 2019 Newsletter


Verifavia becomes first verification company to announce accreditation under ICAO’s CORSIA 


Verifavia, the world’s leading verifier of aviation and shipping emissions, has become the first verification company to announce its worldwide accreditation under the global Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

We have obtained CORSIA accreditation from the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC), who was one of the first National Accreditation Bodies to launch an accreditation pilot scheme for CORSIA emissions verification.

Verifavia will be on the list of verification bodies in the ICAO document entitled “CORSIA Central Registry (CCR): Information and Data for Transparency” that is expected to be made available on the ICAO CORSIA website by 31 May 2019.

As per the Annex 16, Volume IV of the SARPs “An aeroplane operator may engage a verification body accredited in another State, subject to rules and regulations affecting the provision of verification services in the State to which the aeroplane operator is attributed.”

Verifavia can therefore provide verification of the CORSIA Emissions Reports for any operator worldwide.

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View our accreditation on SAC website


We are now almost four months through the first monitoring period 2019, which will be used to calculate the CORSIA baseline emissions. CORSIA is not something everyone is just talking about anymore - concrete action must be taken this year by all stakeholders!

Here are the most important dates and actions you and other responsible stakeholders need to be aware of:
  • 1st January 2019 [aeroplane operators] – start of monitoring of CO2 emissions from all international flights
  • 28th February 2019 [aeroplane operators] – deadline for the submission of a CORSIA Emissions Monitoring Plan (EMP) to State
  • 30th April 2019 [State] – deadline for the approval of EMP by State
  • 30th April 2019 [State] – deadline for the submission of a list of aeroplane operators that are attributed to the State, and a list of verification bodies accredited in the State to ICAO
  • 31st May 2019 [ICAO] – publication of compiled list of aeroplane operators in ICAO document ‘CORSIA Aeroplane Operator to State Attributions’
  • 31st May 2019 [ICAO] – publication of compiled list of accredited verification bodies as part of the ICAO document ‘CORSIA Central Registry (CCR): Information and Data for Transparency’
Monitoring of CO2 emissions should have started on the 1st of January 2019. To monitor their CO2 emissions, every eligible aeroplane operator should have submitted an EMP to their State. If you didn’t submit your CORSIA EMP, we recommend you contact your CORSIA Focal Point as soon as possible.

Read more about ICAO's CORSIA
SARPs – Annex 16 Volume IV
Environmental Technical Manual – Volume IV
​​Template of Emissions Monitoring Plan (from aeroplane operator to State)
ICAO’s CORSIA website
GreenAir Online: FAA launches voluntary MRV Program for US aircraft operators participating in CORSIA
CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units

The ICAO document ‘CORSIA Emissions Unit Eligibility Criteria’ was published last month. This document outlines the program design elements, that need to be met at each program level of the eligible offset credit program, and carbon offset credit integrity assessment criteria. 

Assembly Resolution A39-3 requested the ICAO Council, with the technical contribution of the ICAO Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP), to establish a Technical Advisory Body (TAB) which will make recommendations to the Council on eligible emissions units for use in CORSIA. The TAB is made up of 19 members that meet the required technical expertise and balanced geographical representation. An early task of the TAB will be to discuss and provide recommendations on the vintage of eligible units.

Download the ICAO document ‘CORSIA Emissions Unit Eligibility Criteria’
See the list of TAB members
GreenAir Online: ICAO releases list of Technical Advisory Board members that will recommend eligible offsets for CORSIA
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GreenAir Online: ICAO Council approves criteria for CORSIA emissions units and structure for new body overseeing eligibility
CORSIA in Europe

The European Commission has published a Delegated Act that implements CORSIA for European airlines through the EU ETS.

The Delegated Act requires aircraft operators that hold an air operator certificate issued by an EEA Member State, or are registered in a Member State, to submit to their Competent Authority an updated Emissions Monitoring Plan combining EU ETS and CORSIA. This means that European operators will have only one Monitoring Plan and one Annual Emissions Report when reporting emissions under both schemes. It will be then up to the European Commission to ‘extract’ the CORSIA relevant data from the reports, recalculate the emissions using emissions factor of 3.16 (instead of 3.15) and submit the data to the ICAO Secretariat.

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Download the Delegated Act
Download the EU ETS/CORSIA Monitoring Plan template
GreenAir Online: As ICAO deadline approaches, Europe wrestles with differences over CORSIA

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Since 2012, the Aviation Carbon series of conferences have become widely recognised as a leading international event specialising in aviation market-based measures such as CORSIA and the EU ETS.

Our events are open to all airlines, business jet and other categories of aircraft operators from around the world, regardless of their size, location or any membership of particular aviation associations. We are supported by the major airlines, business aviation and carbon market associations.

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