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> The ENVI Committee rejected the compromise!

The ENVI Committee rejected the compromise!


Today the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament rejected the compromise reached on 4 March at the second trilogue. 29 MEPs voted against the compromise and 29 MEPs voted in favour, so since there was no majority to support the text it was rejected. The compromise was supported by the EPP and the ECR (conservatives) and largely opposed by the ALDE (liberals), the S&D (Socialists), the Greens, and the GUE (extreme left party).
The rejected proposal was a difficult and politically sensitive compromise that called for an extension of 'stop-the-clock' (restriction of Aviation EU ETS to intra-European flights) until 2016 at least, and a full exemption of non-commercial operators below 1000 tCO2.

However, the ENVI rejection does not prevent the compromise agreement from being proposed as an amendment at the plenary session of the Parliament. This can be done by a political group or a group of a minimum of 40 MEPs.

The airspace approach proposal voted at the ENVI Committee on 30 January is scheduled to be debated on Wednesday 2 April in the evening (at around 10PM) in plenary and the final vote is scheduled on Thursday 3 April at around 12 (the vote will start at around 11:30 but it might take some time).

If no final agreement is voted at the plenary session of the Parliament on 3 April, the existing legislation (i.e. the original EU ETS Directive) would continue to apply, which means that all operators, including non-commercial operators, would have to report their full scope Annex 1 emissions (extra-European and intra-European flights) for the 2013 Annual Emissions Report and beyond.

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