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> The European Commission is revising the Aviation EU ETS

The European Commission is revising the Aviation EU ETS


The European Commission is in the process of revising the Aviation EU ETS Directive to implement CORSIA for EU-based operators in a way that is consistent with the EU’s 2030 climate objectives. An Inception Impact Assessment (Roadmap) on the legislative initiative was open for feedback until 28 August 2020. An open public consultation on the legislative initiative is now open until 14 January 2021.

The aviation emissions from the EU account for about 3% of the total EU’s greenhouse gas emissions and more than 2% of global emissions. In 2020, global annual international aviation emissions are already around 70% higher than in 2005. ICAO forecasts that, in the absence of additional measures the emissions could grow by more than 300% in addition to current growth by 2050. Along with other sectors, aviation is contributing to emission reductions within the EU through the EU ETS.

The aviation sector has been included in the EU ETS since 2012. The EU ETS covered emissions from flights landing in and departing from the European Economic Area (EEA), including to and from third countries. However, in order to provide momentum within ICAO and to facilitate progress towards a global approach to tackle international aviation emissions, the EU adopted temporary derogations to limit the geographical scope to only cover intra-EEA flights, thereby excluding extra-EEA flights, pending international developments.

The last revision of Directive 2003/87/EC in 2017, translates the understanding that CORSIA would be taken into account by way of an amendment to the EU ETS.

In the absence of a new amendment, the EU ETS would revert back to its original full scope from 2024.

Find below the process that the EU Commission is following to revise the EU ETS Directive:

Source: European Commission

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