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VERIFAVIA's preparation for the new 2020 reporting and verification season


As the year comes to an end, Verifavia's offices in Canada, France, Croatia, Egypt, India and Singapore are abuzz with activity in preparation for the fast approaching 2020 verification season. Over at the airlines’ headquarters, it is a slightly different kind of scramble to select their independent verifiers for the upcoming season (CORSIA and EU ETS), resulting in a rush of bids and proposals.
Not surprisingly, Verifavia has capitalized on this wave and gained a sizable number of new clients while also renewing its commitment with all previous loyal and satisfied customers.
Our reach has become truly global in the sense that the newly enrolled clients represent almost every major region on the global aviation map. Their confidence in Verifavia and its services is indeed heartening and speaks volumes about our standing in the global aviation market.
We are now the verifying body of emissions for a major airline group from Latin America, which enjoys unparalleled dominance in their regional market. They operate one of the most extensive networks in terms of reach and penetration. Verifavia is thrilled at the opportunity to work with them and hope for a successful and long-lasting relationship.
Moving further north, we are also pleased to partner with an important airline group in North America, thus increasing our presence in that market.
In the Asian market, we have recently concluded site visits with Cathay Pacific, Air Hong Kong, Cathay Dragon, Hong Kong Express, Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Air Cargo that account for most of the traffic around Hong Kong.

This quarter we saw the start of our working relationship with fast growing regional airlines like Jazeera Airways, Air Senegal, Firefly, ASL Airlines, Freebird, Evelop, Wamos, and Hawaiian Airlines amongst many others.
Low cost travel, with the largest number of new aircrafts ordered and rapid network expansion, represents the fastest growing sub-sector within aviation. As such, we have secured two giants in Europe and Asia which follow this model to our family, following recently concluded negotiations.

Closer to our headquarters, we have earned the confidence of one of the oldest airline groups in Europe and the world. With each addition, these significant developments bring us closer to our goal of becoming the Verifier of choice for EU ETS and CORSIA worldwide.
If you work for or represent an airline and are interested in hearing about how we can help verify your emissions or have specific questions on EU ETS/CORSIA, get in touch with our experts through the contact form online, or write to corsia@verifavia.com. 

The Verifavia's CORSIA team wishes you a great festive season!

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