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Verifavia updates - 2022 Verification Season & New Services


We are very proud to share with you the fantastic feedback we received from our aviation clients (more than 300 airlines from 100+ countries!) following the successful verification of their 2021 CORSIA/EU ETS/UK ETS emissions reports. With the 2021 reporting deadline now behind us, our efforts to contribute to sustainability within the aviation industry continues… 
In our role as a pioneer in GHG verification services, we have always been committed to providing high-quality and first-in-class services to the aviation industry. Thus, we are pleased to inform/remind you of four additional services that you may be interested in: 
1) SAF Program Assurance (SPA) Audit: an increasing number of airlines are launching Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) programs to allow their corporate customers to reduce the impact of their staff travel on the environment with SAF (GHG scope 3) programs. To ensure the credibility and robustness of an airline's SAF program, Verifavia has recently launched a SAF Program Assurance (SPA) Audit to provide confidence regarding the validity and existence of the emissions reductions generated. 
 2) Carbon Footprint Verification (CFV): provides credibility by reassuring internal and external stakeholders that your organization's carbon footprint is accurate, complete, and in compliance with the major GHG reporting standards. It can help you identify strategies that reduce emissions most efficiently and avoid over-purchasing offset credits. We are also considering a service related to the verification of climate-related vulnerabilities (as per standard ISO 14091) – please reach out if you are interested! 
3) Environmental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Verification: all stakeholders in the aviation sector are affected by environmental risks and uncertainties, which influence investment decisions, consumer behavior, and government policy. In a future where environmental factors are likely to be even more significant, failing to plan can cause an organization’s long-term future to be at risk. This risk is mitigated by the use of verified KPIs.  
4) Continuous Carbon Emissions Verification: a continuous (i.e. monthly) verification of an airline operator’s monthly flight and fuel data to ensure that the data is up-to-date and accurate. This service is particularly useful for airline operators that are interested in continuously monitoring their carbon footprint. 
Please feel free to contact us for any queries related to any service at corsia@verifavia.com 
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