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Maintenance Outsourcing


John Bensalhia takes a look at how independent specialists provide container terminal maintenance services and are adapting to the automated age.

The smooth and efficient running of daily terminal routines requires reliable and well-maintained equipment. To achieve this, key questions must be answered such as, is the equipment functioning properly? Are the vehicles running smoothly? Is the environment safe?

The scope of port maintenance spans large cargo-handling specialist equipment, vehicles, yard equipment, quays, hardstanding in yards, computer systems...the list goes on. [...]


The digital age allows for greater scope in the field of maintenance. Terminals can have access giving up-to-date status reports. Verifavia Shipping-IHM is a good example, with its three-way Plug and Play IHM Maintenance Dashboard.

This dashboard is inserted into a procurement system or suppliers’ portal via an Application Programming Interface, and relayed live on the Hazinvent-M survey record tool.

With up-to-date information relayed, this provides a number of advantages - constant, automated preparation for any potential inspections, avoidance of penalties and bans on entering EU ports and an easy, convenient source of information on regulations relating to hazardous materials. [...]


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