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F.A.Q. - Swiss ETS

1. Is the Swiss ETS a standalone scheme?

No, as of January 1 2020, the Swiss ETS is linked to the EU ETS.
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2. How will aircraft operators reach compliance with Swiss ETS?

With the goal of minimizing administrative burden for aircraft operators, and noting the linking of the Swiss ETS and the EU ETS, compliance with Swiss ETS will be reached together with compliance for EU ETS, through a “one-stop-shop” approach. All compliance processes and procedures will be handled via a single Competent authority (CA).
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3. Who is my Competent Authority?

Operators based in Switzerland have had their Competent Authority (CA) change to the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). Competent Authorities remain unchanged for other operators.

Click “read more” to see a list of operators who will be administered by Switzerland.
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4. Is there an allocation of free allowances?

Swiss authorities have based the allocation of free allowances based on 2018 TKM data.
The allocation has now been completed, and FOEN has communicated the allocation of Swiss free allowances to all operators who were due one.
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5. Can EU ETS aviation allowances be used for meeting surrendering obligations in Swiss ETS?

Yes, both EU ETS and Swiss ETS aviation allowances can be used for meeting surrendering obligations of both programs through the “one-stop-shop”. This includes free allowances issued by either of the programs.
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6. Which flights are included in the Swiss ETS?

Swiss domestic flights and flights from Switzerland to the EEA will be accounted for in the Swiss ETS.

Note that due to linking of the Swiss ETS and the EU ETS, the scope of EU ETS was expanded to include flights from EEA to Switzerland, so the EU ETS will now cover intra-EEA flights and EEA-Switzerland flights. Click “read more” to see an overview of reportable flights under Swiss ETS and the EU ETS.
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7. How are flights subject to Swiss ETS going to be reported?

The European Commission is currently in the process of updating the Annual Emissions Report (AER) template to facilitate reporting of flights subject to Swiss ETS together with the EU ETS flights. First draft of the template is expected to be available in early October 2020.
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8. What is the deadline for compliance?

Since Swiss ETS will be administered through the “one-stop-shop”, the deadline will be the same as for the EU ETS (typically March 31).

For any questions on the Swiss ETS or its linking to the EU ETS, contact us at corsia@verifavia.com

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