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Business and Corporate Jet Operators - Customer testimonials (1)
EU ETS Verification
Verifavia has a portfolio of around 700 business and corporate jet operators worldwide.
« From my side, may I take this opportunity to pass on to you how easily and smoothly our Verifavia experience/approval has been. A considerable improvement from our last agency! », A J Walter Aviation

« Looking forward to working with your group – nothing but positive words from all the other departments I contacted. », Harley-Davidson Motor Company
« Thank you so much.  I truly appreciate all the work you  have done to support Nike in this effort. »Nike Flight Operations

« Thank you Julien.  You and your team are the only shining light in this onerous process », Canyon Gate Flight Services

« Thank you and your team for all of the great service and hard work. », Fortune 100 Company
« Thank you very much for your support, co-operation and, mutual aid », Jadayel Aviation

« It was a distinct pleasure working through the verification process with you and Tobias. Your communications were clear and concise, and your documents were well thought out and well organized. », Mente LLC
« Thanks again for the great service and timely customer assistance.  I sincerely appreciate Verifavia’s efforts. », Pentastar Aviation
« Good Day Julien and Tobias, Thank you for your patient good work as I climbed that learning curve. », Malibu Consulting Corp
« Julien, you know I had a plethora of choices to select from, and was solicited by many verification companies. I did my research and diligence and, in the end, felt quite comfortable with you and your team...I was not disappointed! », Professional Care
« Thanks for making a difficult process as easy as possible. Tobias did a great job », Related Companies
« On a side note, Tobias has been great to work with. Prompt, courteous and responsive to my questions. I think he is in the final stages of finishing my report, but I wanted to let you know he represents your company well. », Kansas City Life Insurance

« Tobias, Thank you *VERY* much for all of your assistance.  We sincerely appreciate your help and your work, as well as the assistance, customer service, and proactive nature of everyone on the VerifAvia team. », Confidential client
« Thank you and your team for all of your assistance throughout this process. We appreciate the time you took to answer our questions and take our phone calls even when your time was very limited. We have enjoyed working with you all, and will look forward to doing so for our remaining 2010 clients as well as those for the 2011 reporting year. », Colt International

« Thank you so much for all of your work with the verified reports for our various clients.  Your assistance (and patience) was greatly appreciated. », Colt International
« We thank you very much for your efforts on our behalf. As you know, Amgen has been an advocate for VerifAvia's services from the beginning, and we wish you much success as this ETS program evolves. », Amgen
« Merci également à toute votre équipe pour leur gentillesse et professionnalisme. », Artemis SA

« Merci pour votre message. C'est un vrai plaisir de travailler avec vous ! »Roberto Giori
« Thank you very much for the collective and extensive efforts of VerifAvia in guiding us through this first ETS reporting period. We sincerely appreciate all of your assistance! », Pentastar Aviation

« Thank YOU for your services, guidance and patience.  The assistance of VerifiAvia was critical in the compilation and submission of our reports. », Pentastar Aviation
« We found that Julien Dufour, CEO, and his team, provide the best value and service in this competitive landscape. Unlike the competition, VerifAvia is accredited in all of the member states that our operators are assigned to. Julien has been instrumental to the verification process and provides a realistic and common sense approach to verification. », Shockwave Aviation

« Well done guys. Thank you again for another great reporting season! Always down to the wire. We appreciate your hard work. », Shockwave Aviation

« May I also take this opportunity to thank you and your colleague Tobias for your assistance in verifying our ETS reports. We are extremely happy with the excellent service you provided », Dubai Air Wing

« Thank you for all your professional assistance! », Premier Avia

« I would like to thank you for your time and effort to verify our emissions data. I look forward to working with your team in the future. », Quad/Air

« I have enjoyed our relationship in the past and will recommend you to anyone needing your services.», EWA Holdings Llc
« Thanks for being so responsive.  I do appreciate the work you do for us. », CB Air

« It was great working with Tobias and Gary and the team again this year. And thank you especially for your information and guidance on EU ETS in general, as well as your ability to accept last-minute stragglers for verification.  You guys are like my not-so-secret weapon to get the job done no matter the circumstances. », Rockwell Collins

« On behalf of Banco Safra S/A, I thank you by your efforts on this project and mainly by excellent final results that we obtained using VERIFAVIA as our EUETS verifier.Please, in additional our special thanks for Mr. Tobias Konik by patience and support during our EU ETS 2012/13 report verification. For Verifavia, our sincere thanks!! », Banco Safra

« FYI some good things are being said about the service you are providing. Our VP of operations has shared some info from his Corporate Flight operations round table discussions. It seems VerifAvia is getting high marks for service, value and friendliness. I'm glad we went with you guys. », Fortune 100 Company

« Thank you for the assistance in getting through the audit; it was pretty painless », Fortune 100 Company

« We are very satisfied with the service that Verifavia has provided us, and hope that we can continue to work together in the future. », Fortune 100 Company

« Another year well done by you and your team. Thanks for another painless year », Fortune 100 Company
« Tobias se montre très patient avec moi et très efficace, vous pouvez le remercier », Tradlux

« As I have said before, your team was very professional and extremely helpful toward the completion of the requirements. », Kansas City Life Insurance

« As always it is a pleasure dealing with you. », Aeropersonal

« We have been very pleased with the relationship established with Verifavia and hope to continue in the future with any services that may be required», Kimberly-Clark Corporation

« Thanks for everything Julien, you truly were the best part of this horrible process. », Canyon Gate Flight Services

« I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and guidance so far  – I don’t know what I would have done without you!!! », Kings Aviation

« Thanks as always for your time and continued patience. », Gama Aviation
Business and Corporate Jet Operators (7)
Verifavia provides independent carbon emissions verification services.
Flying Group
Verifavia provided independent greenhouse gas emissions verification under the EU ETS directive
Gama Aviation
Verifavia provides independent carbon emissions verification services.
GlobalJet Luxembourg
Verifavia provides independent carbon emissions verification services.
International Jet Management
Verifavia provides independent carbon emissions verification services.
Jet Aviation
Verifavia provides independent carbon emissions verification services.
VLM Airlines
Verifavia provided independent greenhouse gas emissions verification under the EU ETS directive