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Carbon Neutral Claim Verification

Achieving carbon neutrality is a crucial step in combating climate change. Normec Verifavia's Carbon Neutral Claim Verification service provides independent assurance of your organization's commitment to sustainability by verifying the accuracy and credibility of your carbon neutrality claims. 


  1. Our independent verification strengthens your commitment to sustainability and builds trust with stakeholders. 
  1. Demonstrate your dedication to accurate emissions reporting and responsible offsetting or insetting practices. 
  1. Stand out as a leader in sustainability and differentiate yourself from competitors. 
  1. Gain access to markets and opportunities that require verified carbon neutrality claims. 

What is Carbon Neutral Claim Verification? 

Carbon neutral claim verification involves an independent assessment of organization's carbon footprint, reduction efforts, and offsetting activities. This process ensures that the organization's claim of achieving carbon neutrality is accurate, transparent, and aligns with recognized standards and methodologies. 

Why choose Normec Verifavia? 

Normec Verifavia is a leading independent verification body with extensive experience in greenhouse gas (GHG) verification and carbon neutrality assessments. We offer a comprehensive approach that combines technical expertise with industry knowledge and a commitment to quality and integrity. 


  1. Initial discussion: Discuss your carbon neutrality goals and verification needs with our experts. 
  1. Data collection and analysis: We work with you to gather relevant data on your emissions, reduction strategies, and offsetting activities. 
  1. Verification assessment: Our auditors assess your methodology, data sources, and emission factors for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with relevant standards. 
  1. Verification report: We issue a comprehensive report outlining our findings and conclusions 


  1. What standards does Normec Verifavia use for carbon neutrality verification? 
    Normec Verifavia uses recognized international standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) and ISO 14064, ISO 14065, and ISO 17029 for carbon neutrality verification. We also stay updated on evolving industry best practices to ensure our approach remains robust and reliable. 
  1. What information do I need to provide for verification? 
    The specific information required will vary depending on your organization's size and complexity. However, it typically includes data on your: 
  • Emissions sources: This includes direct and indirect emissions from your operations. 
  • Reduction efforts: Details of your strategies and initiatives to reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Offsetting activities: Information on the types and sources of carbon offsets you are using. 
  1. How long does the verification process typically take? 
    The timeframe for verification can vary depending on the complexity of your organization and the availability of required information. However, it typically takes between 3-6 weeks to complete the process. 
  1. What happens after my carbon neutrality claim is verified? 
    Upon successful verification, you will receive a comprehensive report and a verification certificate that you can use to communicate your carbon neutrality achievement to stakeholders. We can also support you in maintaining your carbon neutrality status through ongoing monitoring and verification services.