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Verifavia is the first verifier accredited to provide ICAO's CORSIA verification audits to aeroplane operators. Verifavia also  provides CORSIA training courses.
Verifavia provides independent carbon emissions verification for airlines (Aviation EU ETS and CORSIA)
Verifavia provides carbon emissions verification services for airports applying for Airport Carbon Accreditation (levels 1, 2, 3, 3+, 4, 4+)
Verifavia provides  EU MRV, IMO DCS and  CSI verification services  for maritime transport (shipping)
Verifavia Shipping provides Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) preparation and maintenance services
Verifavia provides independent carbon emissions verification for business and corporate jet operators (Aviation EU ETS and CORSIA)
Verifavia provides cosmic radiation monitoring services for aircrews of airliners and corporate jets


Verifavia, part of the Normec Group, is a worldwide independent environmental accredited verification, certification and auditing body for aviation, airports and maritime transport.

In particular, Verifavia performs independent emissions verification audits for ICAO's CORSIA, EU ETSUK ETSSwiss ETS and ACA to aircraft operators & airports worldwide.

Verifavia is the world's leading verification body for aviation with a portfolio of 300+ airline clients and 125+ airports verified in 100+ countries.
No. of airlines contracted by VERIFAVIA for CORSIA, EU ETS, UK ETS or Environmental / Carbon Inventory verification:
3 0 4