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F.A.Q. - Quality

1. Who is Verifavia?
Verifavia is a global leader providing independent environmental verification, validation, certification, and auditing services. Initially focused on the aviation and maritime sectors, Verifavia is expanding its services to include a wider range of industries and activities.
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2. What is the independence and integrity statement of Verifavia?
Verifavia maintains its commitment to independence and impartiality by not providing consultancy services or direct technical assistance to operators. This policy ensures the credibility and objectivity of its verification and certification services.
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3. What is the impartiality statement of VERIFAVIA?
We, VERIFAVIA, are committed to upholding the utmost impartiality and independence in our services, recognizing these values as foundational to our reputation and the trustworthiness of our validations and verifications.
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4. What is the validation and verification process as per ISO 17029 and ISO 14065?
Verifavia performs all its verification and validation activities according to ISO 17029:2019 and ISO 14065:2021:

1. Pre-Engagement
2. Engagement

3. Planning
4. Execution
5. Review
6. Reporting

7. Records
8. Post-Verification/Validation Activities
 Recertification/Renewal (if applicable)
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5. What is the complaint and/or appeal process of VERIFAVIA?
VERIFAVIA is committed to maintaining the highest standards of service and integrity in its operations. In line with ISO 17029:2019, we have established a transparent and systematic process for managing, evaluating, taking necessary corrective actions, and making informed decisions on complaints and appeals.
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6. Use of Mark: Is it permissible for clients to utilize the VERIFAVIA mark in their communications?
Clients may use the VERIFAVIA mark_ the logo representing VERIFAVIA's validation or verification services_ under strict conditions set by ISO 17029 and ISO 14065 standards.
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7. Use of Mark: What is the use of mark guidelines?
NORMEC VERIFAVIA ensures that the use of its mark in client communications accurately reflects the scope and validity of the environmental claims verified, maintains the credibility of the verification process, and upholds the integrity of the mark itself.
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8. Use of Mark: Can clients modify VERIFAVIA’ s mark?
No, Clients should not alter the design, color, shape, or any other aspect of the verification mark without permission.
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9. Use of Mark: What are the potential consequences of misusing VERIFAVIA’s mark?
As an independent and impartial validation and verification body, it is crucial for VERIFAVIA to ensure that its mark is used properly to reflect accurately the scope and validity of the environmental claims it has verified or validated. Misuse of their mark could undermine the trust stakeholders place in the services provided and in the environmental claims of the organizations using the mark.
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10. Use of Mark: How can VERIFAVIA’s clients demonstrate compliance with verification and validation findings in public communication?
VERIFAVIA clients should adhere to the following refined guidelines when demonstrating compliance with verification and validation findings in public communications
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11. Use of Mark: Can you provide an example of a compliance statement for public communication?
An effective compliance statement could be: “As part of our commitment to environmental integrity, our 2023 GHG (Green House Gases) emissions report has been independently verified by VERIFAVIA, confirming our adherence to international environmental standards and practices.” This statement clearly communicates compliance with verification findings and underscores the company’s dedication to environmental responsibility.
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12. Use of Mark: How often do clients need to renew their verification or validation with VERIFAVIA to maintain the right to use the mark?
The validity of verification or validation—and thus the right to use the VERIFAVIA mark—is subject to the specific terms of our verification/validation statement. Generally, clients should anticipate renewing their verification or validation annually to reflect their latest environmental performance accurately. We encourage clients to consult with us well ahead of their renewal dates to ensure continuous compliance.
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13. Can Verifavia's clients use national accreditation bodies such as COFRAC, UKAS, and SAC?
No, Verifavia's clients are strictly forbidden from using the logos of national accreditation bodies such as COFRAC (France), UKAS (United Kingdom), and SAC (Singapore) when publishing their verified or validated environmental claims certified by Verifavia.
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