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Aviation Research

SustainAvia - a division of Verifavia - provides environmental research for the aviation sector in aircraft emissions, market-based mechanisms, fuel conservation, regulatory environment analysis, emissions trading, aircraft technical performance and economic & impact analysis.

SustainAvia participated in three CleanSky projects:
  • Project CARING (Contribution of Airlines for the Reduction of Industry Nuisances and Gases) aimed at understanding how airlines deal with current and future environmental constraints (emissions and noise).
  • Project BASE (Business Aviation for a Sustainable Environment) sought to understand how environmental constraints affect business jet operators and attempted to work out strategies on how to make business jet operations greener.
  • Project FRARS-2 (Future Regional Aircraft Requirements Survey – Part 2) aimed to conduct a survey of airlines' high-level requirements for future regional aircraft, with a specific focus on American, Asian and African operators.
SustainAvia is interested in working on a sub-contract basis with the aviation industry, nationally recognized academic institutions, and other public and private entities participating in the CleanSky JTI or in the Federal Aviation Administration Air Transportation Center of Excellence for Alternative Jet Fuels and Environment (FAA COE for AJF&E).

Our experience in aviation research working in various CleanSky projects and environmental training in the RSB and ISCC biofuel sustainability certification schemes are valuable in the various technical areas of CleanSky 2 and FAA COE for AJF&E.
In particular, our vast knowledge and practical experience in the aviation sector worldwide (commercial and non-commercial aircraft operators; airliners and business jets, airports), as well as our extensive contacts in the sector can be extremely valuable any time there is a need to reach out, interview or survey industry representatives.

The research is provided by SustainAvia, a division of Verifavia.
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