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Sustainability - easyJet



At easyJet we want to lead the decarbonisation of aviation, and ultimately achieve zero-emissions flying across Europe.

We are fully committed to the UK Government and EU targets of net zero emissions by 2050 and believe that European short-haul aviation should aim to reach net zero earlier than this.

In 2019 we launched our new Sustainability Strategy, focused on driving down our environmental impact. Our strategy has three pillars: tackling our carbon emissions; stimulating carbon innovation; and going beyond carbon.

We continue to operate a fleet of modern, fuel-efficient aircraft, including our Airbus A320 / 321 neo aircraft which are 15% more fuel-efficient than equivalent previous-generation aircraft, and we are always looking for ways to be even more fuel-efficient and emit less carbon.

Alongside our continued efficiency efforts, we believe that radical action to address the impact of climate change on society and nature is also needed now. In 2019 we became the only major airline worldwide to offset all our organisation’s direct carbon emissions (Scopes 1 and 2), through programmes that plant trees or avoid the release of additional carbon dioxide. By retiring carbon credits from high-quality projects, we can provide carbon-neutral flights to our customers at no additional cost to them. [...]

Supporting information

Intensity Metric assurance statement
We use an intensity metric based on the carbon efficiency of our airline. This is expressed as grams of carbon dioxide equivalent (gCO2e) per revenue passenger kilometre (RPK). Our intensity metric has been verified by a third-party specialist auditor, Verifavia. This assurance statement is available here. [...]

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