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> Verifavia achieve a new milestone by supporting Bolt (taxify) for Co2 Verification

Verifavia achieve a new milestone by supporting Bolt (taxify) for Co2 Verification



Bolt is the largest ride-hailing platform in Europe to commit to making its journeys carbon-neutral. As carbon offsetting for companies like us is completely voluntary, there are no dedicated environmental agencies that cater to the ride-hailing industry. So we partnered with an established agency for aviation CO2 footprint management — Verifavia. They critically assessed the data we have, the assumptions and approximations we’ve made and looked carefully for material inconsistencies within our results. After we reviewed our calculations based on their feedback, an approval and certification was granted to us.

Thus we can now be sure that our understanding of our own carbon footprint is solid — and that, from now on, we can take measures to reduce it. This includes our current carbon-offsetting initiative as well as greater future support for electric vehicles [...]


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How is Bolt offsetting the CO2 emitted during rides?

To make calculations about how much needs to be offset, we used the help of a verification agency Verifavia. Both parts of the ride – the driver getting to the passenger and then the ride to the destination – were taken into account. And they’ll be keeping an eye on our emissions in the future as well, to make sure we stay on track.

To balance our CO₂ emissions, we’ll support emission reduction projects to make us carbon neutral. And of course, we’re not choosing these projects randomly or based on our gut feeling — the highly experienced Natural Capital Partners team is helping us out. They are experts in solutions for positive impact on carbon, renewable energy, biodiversity and water.

So, in short: first, we need to calculate our carbon footprint and get those calculations verified and that’s what Verifavia help us with. After that, projects are chosen, payments are made — which is where Natural Capital Partners advise us — and in the end, the footprint of our European rides becomes carbon neutral. All the projects are independently verified to assure the quality of the emissions reductions [...]


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