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Verifavia Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary Milestone


Verifavia, the world’s leading emissions verification company for the transport sector (aviation and shipping) and provider of hazardous materials preparation and maintenance services, celebrates its 10-year anniversary this month. This milestone is marked by achieving partnerships with more than 400 clients across the world, taking responsibility for Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) services for over 650 vessels, and working with seven of the top ten ship managers listed in Lloyd’s List in 2019.

From its inception in France, Verifavia has achieved impressive growth from its humble origins as a one-man-start-up in the aviation industry. Within ten years, Verifavia now provides independent environmental verification, certification and auditing services for aviation (airlines, business jets and helicopters), airports, and maritime transport worldwide.

In support of the European Union (EU) Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) regulation, Verifavia launched its emissions verification services in July 2015. Leveraging its extensive background and success in the aviation industry, Verifavia brought its emissions verification expertise to the shipping sector – representing the first company to provide EU MRV services and the first independent verifier to provide International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) Data Collection System (DCS) verification.

In 2019, to again support ship owners in complying with new legislation, Verifavia expanded its service offering to provide hazardous materials preparation and maintenance services. The EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR) prohibits or restricts the installation and use of hazardous materials (like asbestos or ozone-depleting substances) on board ships, as well as making it mandatory for ships to carry on board a certified IHM specifying the location and approximate quantities of those materials. The EU SRR also requires the IHM to be updated throughout the ships’ operational life, whether equipment is installed, modernised or replaced. [...]

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