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Low Carbon Earth Summit

26-28 September 2013, Xi'An, China

Programme of Section 3-3

Section 3-3: Carbon Credits and Carbon Exchanges ( Platforms)
Time: 08:30-11:55, September 28, 2013 (Saturday); Place: Room No. 308A, 3rd Floor, QICC

Chair: Mr. Julien Dufour, CEO & EU ETS Lead Auditor, VerifAvia SARL & VerifAvia (UK) Ltd, France

Co-Chair: Mr. Brian P de Thorpe Millard, Chairman and CEO, GPC Global group, UK

08:30-08:35 Chair's Introduction

08:35-09:00 Title: Using Emissions Trading for Financing
Mr. James Atkins, Chairman, Vertis Environmental Finance, Hungary

09:00-09:25 Title: The Experience, Impact and Status of the Inclusion of Aviation into the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, and Process at ICAO for a Global Scheme
Mr. Julien Dufour, CEO, VerifAvia, France

09:25-09:50 Title: The role of Low-carbon Eco-cities in a New Phase of Urbanization
Dr. Fuqiang Yang, Senior Advisor, Natural Resources Defense Council, China

09:50-10:15 Title: Establishment of Guangdong Emission Trading Scheme: Progress and Challenge
Dr. Xikang Zhao, Researcher and Director, Environmental Economics Policy Research, Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, China

10:15-10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-10:55 Title: Ensuring Accuracy in Carbon Emission Trades through Validation & Verification Programs
Mr. John McCabe, Partner, GHG Climate Team LLC, USA

10:55-11:20 Title: Emission Trade: Policies and Business Opportunities for Chinese Industries
Mr. Ruijie Zhang, Managing Director, Low Carbon City China Program Management Office, China

11:45-11:55 Panel Discussion

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