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Advanced Emission Model

Nicolas Duchêne and Divya Vasudeva assisted EUROCONTROL in designing, developing and validating the Advanced Emission Model (AEM). This is a stand-alone system used to estimate aviation emissions (CO2, H2O, SOx, NOx, HC, CO, PM, VOC, TOG) and fuel burn. AEM processes flight profile data on a flight-by-flight basis for air traffic scenarios of almost any scope, from regional to global emissions.

The tool is available in different versions, depending on the size of the traffic samples to be processed (PC/Access, Batch/Oracle and C).

Main tasks were to:
  • design and develop the latest versions of the Advanced Emission Model
  • update underlying system databases (such as aircraft/engines, fuel burn rates and emission indices databases) with the latest datasets from multiple external sources
  • perform validation exercises of the fuel burn calculated by AEM versus actual fuel consumption information provided by airlines.
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