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ICAO / CAEP Support

Nicolas Duchêne supported EUROCONTROL in its activities for the ICAO Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) Modelling and Database Task Force (MODTF). The objective is to help set realistic and achievable environmental goals in terms of reducing aircraft noise and greenhouse gas emissions and improving local air quality. This includes assessing the benefits of new stringency policies (e.g. on engine NOx  emissions) and comparing and validating the models available worldwide to carry out impact assessments.

Main tasks were to:
  • develop global fleet and flight movement forecasts through 2035 with and without new stringency options
  • assess current and future global emissions with EUROCONTROL’s Advanced Emission Model (AEM)
  • produce emission evolution trends by country
  • compare   and validate fuel burn models with data from airlines (Flight Data Recorder).

At the same time, Nicolas Duchêne participated in the CAEP evaluation process of the Local Air Quality tools such as EUROCONTROL's ALAQS-AV model by running emission and dispersion simulations at a mock-up airport and comparing outputs with other European and US models.

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