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Carbon Emissions Units update from ICAO's TAB


Carbon Emissions Units update from ICAO's Technical Advisory Body (TAB)

From 2021 onward, CORSIA routes subject to offsetting requirement have to be compensated meaning that airlines shall buy Carbon Emission Units to compensate for any increase in their emissions from the baseline (2019). Keeping in mind that not all programs offering Carbon Emissions Units can be used under CORSIA, the ICAO council has created the Technical Advisory Body (TAB) at the beginning of 2019. The role of this body is to assess programs and provide recommendations to the ICAO Council on the eligibility (or lack thereof) of the Emissions Units proposed by programs against the criteria set by CORSIA.

ICAO has invited the programs to apply for assessing whether the offset credit units meet the following design elements:

1) Clear Methodologies and Protocols, and their Development Process
2) Scope Considerations
3) Offset Credit Issuance and Retirement Procedures
4) Identification and Tracking
5) Legal Nature and Transfer of Units
6) Validation and Verification procedures
7) Program Governance
8) Transparency and Public Participation Provisions
9) Safeguards System  
10) Sustainable Development Criteria
11) Avoidance of Double Counting, Issuance and Claiming
For more details on Carbon Emissions Unit Eligibility Criteria, Click here
Below are the responses to the ICAO’s call for applications,
2019 Program Applications 2020 Program Applications

1. American Carbon Registry
2. British Columbia Offset Program

3. China GHG Voluntary Emission Reduction
4. Clean Development Mechanism
5. Climate Action Reserve

6. Forest Carbon Partnership Facility
7. Global Carbon Trust
8. Gold Standard
9. myclimate
10. Nori
11. REDD.plus
12. Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization
13. The State Forests of the Republic of Poland
14. VCS Program (managed by Verra)
1) Architecture for REDD+ Transactions
2) BioCarbon Fund Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes
3) Cercarbono

4) Compte CO2
5) Joint Crediting Mechanism between Japan and Mongolia
6) Olkaria IV Geothermal Project
7) Perform, Achieve, and Trade Scheme
8) Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Two Programmes from 2019 updated their materials
1) Forest Carbon Partnership Facility
2) Verified Carbon Standard (managed by Verra)
At the end of the first assessment in January 2020, Technical Advisory Body recommended approving six programs to supply CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units.

In March 2020, the ICAO Council considered TAB recommendations from its first assessment cycle and approved the following programs for the 2021-2023 pilot phase. 
  1. American Carbon Registry
  2. China GHG Voluntary Emission Reduction Program
  3. Clean Development Mechanism
  4. Climate Action Reserve
  5. The Gold Standard
  6. Verified Carbon Standard Program 
In the ICAO CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units document, each program has four sections,
1) Program-designated Registry – Name of program’s registry and link to the registry
2) Eligibility Timeframe – Phase of CORSIA for which units from program are eligible
3) Eligible Unit Dates – Time period during which eligible emissions units can be generated
4) Scope of Eligibility – Limitations of a program’s eligibility in CORSIA 
Click here for more details on January 2020 TAB's recommendation on CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units.
TAB’s second set of recommendations is expected for consideration by the ICAO Council in November 2020. 

Click here to view ICAO's Presentation on CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units

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