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CORSIA Deadline Update


The long-awaited 31st May 2020 deadline for the submission of the 2019 Emissions Report to the State Authority is now behind us!

We are very pleased and honoured to announce that we have successfully completed CORSIA verification for 123 aeroplane operators from 46 countries. We wish to thank our operators for their hard work all along the process, and we wish to extend our congratulations to them for this achievement!

However, due to the COVID-19 crisis and extended submission deadlines in many countries, the process is continuing for the 83 operators that we are still auditing.

As far as we are aware, the extended deadlines announced are as follows:

Australia >>> 31st July 2020
Azerbaijan >>> 30th June 2020
Brazil >>> 30th September 2020
Cayman Island >>> 31st July 2020
Cambodia >>> 31st July 2020
Canada >>> 31st October 2020
Chile >>> 17th August 2020
Colombia >>> 31st July or 31st August 2020
Costa Rica >>> 31st July 2020
Ecuador >>> 31st October 2020
El Salvador >>> 30th June 2020
Fiji >>> 31st August 2020
Guatemala >>> 31st July 2020
Honduras >>> 31st July 2020
Indonesia >>> 31st July 2020
Iran >>> 31st October 2020
Israel >>> 30th June 2020
Jordan >>> 30th July 2020
Kazakhstan >>> 15th June 2020
Kenya >>> 30th September 2020
Malaysia >>> 30th June 2020
Mexico >>> 31st July 2020
Moldova >>> 30th November 2020
Myanmar >>> 31st August 2020
Nepal >>> 25th August 2020
New Zealand >>> 31st October 2020 
Oman >>> 15th July 2020
Panama >>> 31st October 2020
Philippines >>> 30th June 2020
Saudi Arabia >>> 31st August 2020
Seychelles >>> 30th June 2020
Singapore >>> 31st July 2020
Thailand >>> 31st July 2020 
Tunisia >>> 31st July 2020 
Turkey >>> 31st July 2020
USA >>> 31st July 2020
Vietnam >>> 31st October 2020
West Indies (Antigua) >>> 30th November 2020
Zambia >>> 1st July 2020 

Please note that this list is purely indicative, and we recommend to get written confirmation by your State Authority.

Additionally, many State Authorities are facilitating late submissions by extending the deadline on a case-by-case basis. If you need to have your deadline extended, we recommend you contact your State Authority.

For all our outstanding operators, we look forward to completing the process as soon as possible and in any case by the new deadline set by the relevant State Authorities.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions about CORSIA, or for any verification queries or requirements.

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