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EU MRV Regulation - December 2017 Newsletter


Verifavia Shipping adds global Clean Shipping Index verification to service offerings


Verifavia recently announced that it has expanded its offering to include global verification services for the Clean Shipping Index (CSI). The move sees Verifavia become the first to offer verification according to the new CSI standard which will allow vessel owners to benefit from reduced tax in Sweden, as well as benefit from lower port fees at other participating ports, including the Port of Vancouver and the Port of Prince Rupert.
In addition to global CSI verification – which seeks to deliver market incentives for clean shipping – Verifavia’s portfolio of services for the shipping sector includes EU MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification), IMO DCS (Data Collection System), and CCWG (Clean Cargo Working Group) verification.


Technology is ready for EU MRV


With only a few weeks left until the entry into force of the EU’s emissions reporting and verification scheme, HANSA explores the various compliant sensors, data processing, and evaluation technologies available to aid with streamlining compliance. Amongst them are VAF Instruments’ award-winning IVY® Propulsion Performance Management system and We4Sea’s software module, both independently certified by Verifavia Shipping.  
VAF Instrumets’ efficiency reporting system IVY enables automated compliance with EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations, while We4Sea’s recently software module has been specifically developed in response to the European emission monitoring regulations for ships and allows for all MRV required data to be easily captured within standard vessel forms as part of the normal workflow for arrival, departure, and noon reporting. The collected data feeds standardised reporting templates that can be submitted for MRV verification at the end of the monitoring period. In addition, We4Sea clients can continuously monitor their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in real-time via an online dashboard.

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EU gives Shipping ultimatum on Global Climate Action


The EU has confirmed its intention to include shipping in its emissions trading system (ETS) if the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) does not deliver effective global measures to reduce emissions from ships by 2023. Both T&E and the shipping industry said the outcome was a partial victory.

As with aviation, responsibility to address shipping emissions was first delegated by the Kyoto Protocol to developed nations working through the IMO, a UN agency. The Paris agreement did not mention shipping explicitly but it called for economy-wide action to meet the 2/1.5°C temperature goals. But environmental groups have grown increasingly impatient at the IMO’s slow progress. A new ship design standard was implemented in 2013 but it has proved not fit for purpose and reforming it is proceeding very slowly. [...] Back to all Verifavia News