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EU MRV Regulation - February 2017 Newsletter


Verifavia Shipping EU MRV Seminars - Bergen and Oslo, Norway


Verifavia Shipping invites you to participate in the upcoming series of free EU MRV Seminars which are jointly organised with Shipping & Offshore Services (SOS) International in Norway - EU MRV seminar 2nd March in Bergen and EU MRV seminar 3rd March in Oslo

These EU MRV seminars will discuss various aspects of the enforced Regulation 2015/757 on the Monitoring, Reporting & Verification (MRV) of carbon emissions of large ships visiting EU ports from the perspectives of shipping companies, verifiers and other stakeholders.

Read more about Bergen Seminar on 2nd March
Read more about Oslo Seminar on 3rd March
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Upcoming EU MRV meetings in Denmark, Netherlands, and Singapore


Verifavia Shipping will address the Danish Shipowners Association on EU MRV at the Focus Group of Energy Efficiency on 15th March in Copenhagen. Julien Dufour, CEO, Verifavia Shipping will provide Danish ship owners and operators with a good understanding of the key deadlines, requirements and challenges of the EU MRV with particular focus on the EU MRV  Monitoring Plan.

Julien Dufour has also been invited to address the Dutch shipping companies at the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KVNR) on 10th March 2017.

Lastly, Verifavia Shipping has also been invited to address the Singapore shipping community on EU MRV at Krohne Marine's MRV Compliance: EU vs IMO, and EcoMateTM Launch Seminar on 15th March 2017.

Read more about the seminar in Denmark
Read more about the seminar in the Netherlands
Read more about the seminar in Singapore
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Verifavia Shipping at the Green Ship Technology Conference,  24th March 2017


Informa Maritime's 14th Annual Green Ship Technology Conference, takies place next month from the 22nd March to 24th March. The event which will be held in Copenhagen this year will cover several topics, including Cargo owners' response to increased pressure for a sustainable logistics chain, as well as the challenges of moving 'novel technology' from concept to reality.

Julien Dufour, CEO, Verifavia Shipping will moderate the Session entitled "Working Group – Preparing for EU MRV", which is part of the Monitoring and Data Management Workshop taking place on 24th March 2017.

VERIFAVIA certifies Viswa Lab’s VEEMS


Viswa Energy Efficiency Management System (VEEMS) hardware and software package has been approved by the independent MRV accrediting agency Verifavia, to meet the requirements of data collection, storage, and presentation as per the EU requirements.

Verifavia certified Viswa Lab’s Energy Efficiency Management System (VEEMS) against the EU Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) Regulation 2015/757 and the ISO 25051 standard on software engineering. The certification process followed the ISO 17065 standard on product certification. [...]

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Read the article published on Green4Sea
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Gearing up for the first EU MRV legal deadlinevia Shipping


It is estimated that more than 12,000 vessels will be affected by the regulation 2015/757 (‘Shipping MRV Regulation’), which requires shipowners and operators to prepare and submit a monitoring plan outlining the fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and transport work of vessels of 5000 GT and above, that are operating within the EU. Julien Dufour, CEO of Verifavia Shipping, an independent carbon emissions verification body for aviation and maritime transport, outlines the key considerations of a verifier, and how owners and operators can comply. [...]

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